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Artist: Vinnie Paz f/ Liz Fullerton
Album:  Season of the Assassin
Song:   Same Story (My Dedication)
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[Vinnie Paz]
You came into my mother's life at the right time
More than a step-father, more of like a lifeline
She ain't really had happiness since my pop died
She was livin but livin is always not alive
And my momma should be treated like a queen
You gave her everything she ever needed like a queen
Probably the most gentle G I ever seen
The love y'all shared I never seen in human beings
Y'all were together twelve years, never no fights
Not even a little argument, that was so nice
Three of us eatin dinner together most nights
Workin seven days a week, that ain't no life
But never once did I hear you complain
Even when they let you go never hear you with blame
It take a real man to walk through the rain
He was a real man who got sick and fought through the pain

[Chorus: Liz Fullerton]
I am made of, all four corners
All directions with-out the borders
I am strung so, loose together
And, you're a thread that, holds forever
I'm not, nobody's, baaaaaaby
You had your, shit too but you
Always came through for me

[Vinnie Paz]
I walked in that mornin and knew somethin was wrong
I tried to talk to you Rock, you didn't respond
I called 9-1-1 and then ran for my moms
Waitin for the ambulance and I tried to be calm
Moms went with you, I stayed and held down the fort
I was nervous, I was cryin and really distraught
I was alone by myself, just left with my thoughts
Mommy called, told me that you had a stroke and fought
I ain't seen a hospital since my father died
I don't like it there, memories is locked inside
When I walked inside the room we started to cry
I was just so happy that you was alive
And you told me how much that you hate the hospital
And that they thieves and tryin to keep they pockets full
I think I hold myself a little bit responsible
When you was smokin all the time I wasn't stoppin you
Nevertheless you came home and that was real
A lot of therapy and doctors gave you lots of pills
You couldn't drive anymore, you had to stop and chill
And that's too much for anybody that can stop your will
But you never got back to your norm
You was proud, didn't want any help from my mom
I left for tour and you asked me how long I'd be gone
And I can see inside your eyes you knew somethin was wrong
I got back mommy told me you was sick again
Couldn't believe that we was goin through this shit again
I love you Rock and I'm always gonna miss you friend
And for me it's just the same story, different pen