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Artist: Vinnie Paz f/ Demoz, Ill Bill
Album:  Season of the Assassin
Song:   Brick Wall
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[Vinnie Paz]
Yeah, Maserati, Vin Laden

This is Taliban rap, I'm a fuckin bomber
My head wrapped like somebody who suffered trauma
Musically I'm the embodiment of Jeffrey Dahmer
Usually in the environment of marijuana
My straight right like ArgŁello was
You a medigon, Vinnie do what a dego does
You 'bout to find out what the human tornado does
You a bitch, you ain't even half what you say you was
My shit is hard-body Lord I'm a fuckin legend
I don't get my hands dirty, that's for fuckin henchmen
I'm the equivalent of Russian Roulette, fuckin tension
And when you hear the ram's horn it's the fuckin endin
I'm a vampire, I love the setting of sun
The night my time, killing already begun
I'm from the same place Anton LaVey is from
I'm 'bout to put the biscuit right to my head and be done

[Chorus 2X: Demoz]
This Perc-10 got me feelin like a brick wall
With that said I give a fuck about a withdrawal
Fuck a cornerback, bullets get you picked off
Critics get pissed on when I'm pissed off

1978, my mom had a date
'84 had me, had an all-time great
Mom wasn't weak, I guess my dad wasn't fake
But guessin only led to one thing, my mistakes
That's why I cut the grass real low, check for snakes
Apply pressure when I need to, satisfy my weight
Sellin coke and the diesel
Fiends goin crazy puttin dope in they needles, it's hopeless and evil
You could smoke wet and get, smoked with the Eagle
All over nuttin, fuckin pride and your ego
Spit all facts, I ain't gotta mislead you
Talk shit wherever you stand, that's where I'll leave you
Believe me, I could get you killed real easy
Leave the scene but the hood won't leave me
Tec on the dresser, bitch try and tease me
I'll put a hole in her head, right where her weave be
Believe me, nigga


[Ill Bill]
I'm the bomb attached to the chest of explodin martyrs, code of honor
Shoot me out your M-16, deliver souls beyond
the road to conquer planets and enslave entire populations
Coliseums where {?} supply the operation
Gladiators battle on the side of sovereign nations
Fathers of confrontation, llamas to pop your face in
Blinded by lies and hatred, they conjure abomination
Armies march across the continents honorin Satan
The final countdown, 2012
Jumpin out the Black Hawk with the black Eagle by the money belt
I'll take you from the edge of space to the projects
from the pyramids to Giza to where God sits, we monstrous
I'm conscious homie I'm wide awake, I supply the hate
La Coka Nostra, the skull and guns, I supply the weight
How many bricks you want? Let me see your money first
Matter fact, I'm takin your money you fuckin herb
Fuck outta here, Billy Idol, La Coka Nostradamus