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Artist: Vinnie Paz
Album:  Season of the Assassin
Song:   Aristotle's Dilemma
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: ELO's "Mister Kingdom"]
Silly girl to be a fool
You didn't play the golden rule
Cause once you're through with one world
There's another waiting there

[Vinnie Paz]
Y'all motherfuckers walk around like you got a wire
My watch face the same size as a Ducati tire
Everybody hit the deck when the shotty fire
Vinnie give your team problems like I'm Stoudemire
Your fam should be ashamed of you still
This ain't a cookout but Vinnie put the flame to your grill
You claim to be real, but y'all just end up painfully killed
My four-fifth is vicious, cold enough for Satan to chill
I don't give a fuck cousin, everybody can fry
Everyone could be a victim, everybody could cry
Only a real man look another dead in the eye
And tell him that he only got like 20 seconds to die
I'm slow but I realize that's my best pace
My voice raw, when I spit it crack through my chest plate
I ain't the type of motherfucker to test fate
The type of motherfucker to increase the arrest rate
Streets fucked up sufferin bad
There's no kush, muh'fuckers stuck hustlin skag
Yeah, same ones get stuck with the mag
Hard rock turn to rubble cause he's fuckin a fag

[Chorus] - 2X

[Vinnie Paz]
I'ma go hard 'til nothin is left
'Til there's nothin left in the world, nothin but death
And the thirty-eight tucked in my vest
And I stare at my guns like they're a pair of voluptuous breasts
I don't care, I'll take one in my chest
If it means seein my father again and maybe touchin his flesh
I'll walk around with 30 guns in my sweats
If it means that I'm eatin and my mother eatin, son of success
I see the world different than y'all
I have more determination and persistence than y'all
It's probably why I have such a resistance to y'all
It's probably why I been so much more consistent than y'all
It's business-involved
I'm everything that you could possibly dream
I'm a mathematician, I'm a vision, I'm a machine - knahmean?
I run with brothers pushin rock to the fiends
Rrun with brothers who love they mothers, stay on top of they deen
Louie Dogs rap harder than most
And I got something that rearrange your face and turn your pop to a ghost
BRRAP! BRRAP! You get rocked with the toast
And I make you put your hands up like people that are talkin in quotes

[Chorus] - 2X

("There" - 3X)