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Artist: Vinnie Paz f/ Immortal Technique, Styles P
Album:  The Priest of Bloodshed (Mixtape)
Song:   Black Vikings
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeahhh... Immortal Technique, SP the Ghost
Poison Pen, Vinnie Paz, nagger

We gonna stomp em out, run them out, run them out
call your number out, send your uncle buggas out
We gonna stomp em out, run them out, run them out
nigga ain't nothing civilized about no uncle bugga nigga, you feel me
Don't bring no uncle buggas out nigga, fuck outta here

All troops in formation? Let the seeds come out!

[Immmortal Technique]
Back like I was locked up, putting in work
Burning through books like Nazis in a Catholic church
I'm cursed like Cain when he murdered his brother
Cut your face off and wear it when I'm fucking your mother
I'm mars old? avenger, the God of war
And if you don't believe in me, I doubt you believe in God at all
I breathe smokeless fire, the jinn type
That'll make you hate the way Allah made you to live life
Like Hindu niggas that be bleaching their skin white
Other people's teeth in my hands after a fist fight
I was born with a sixth sense and a swift right
Skinned werewolves and raped demons at midnight
Sell your kids in slavery after we murder you
Sacrifice them in the same fire we burning you
Barbarian funeral nigga, you wanna know
Damn the river, bury me, and let the water flow

Chaos, mayhem, bang outs, slay them, uprise, rape them, raid them, cage em, pandemonium, insurgent, [?] pillage, kill them, erase history, make them a mystery

[Styles P.]
Cut the nose off or the ears off the whole head
Immortal and Ghost coming, code red
You never seen a black barbarian, warrior, war
Little pussy, cut your balls off
More bodies come; more bodies hauled off
What you want the sword or get shit sawed off
You don't need the axe in it
And I'm breaking your back cause your spine needed a crack in it
You bugging me, I'm coming to fumigate
Like wolverine, the sabre-tooth the way that I mutilate
I'm like the Viking in Valhalla Rising
Except I got black skin and both of my eyes in
Don't test him, please don't stress him
He'll hang you from a tree with your own intestines
How you wanna die, make your own suggestion
Now talk to the Lord and make your own confession

[Vinnie Paz]
You pussies living in a movie theatre
Put the motherfucking spell on you like Brujeria
Chop his motherfucking head like a ruthless leader
Guns drawn in a church service, shoot the preacher
You need to be Godly to know Allah
Ain't no rappers eating around me like a broken jaw
It ain't ever been a day that I ain't broke the law
What you think I hold a motherfucking toaster for
I ain't going there, there's police in that room
And Vinnie walk around with bags of dust like a vacuum
Bury you under the earth inside a black tomb
My body covered in dashiki and stab wounds
I'm a gorilla, barbarians is my ancestors
That's a part of my neurological transmitters
We Islamic and brought the story of Sham with us
While we brought the motherfucking blam blam with us