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Artist: Vinnie Paz
Album:  God of the Serengeti
Song:   Cheesesteaks
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A knife in my palm, sharper than a sniper in Nam
Righteous Islam; a hypocrite that fight to be calm
My life is just torn Bipolar, icy and warm
My life in a song The reason why the Vicodin gone
A bison is born - Army of God, Michael is born
The uranium fission secret of the hydrogen bomb
The bible is gone, ya'll are watching a Viking perform
And the 9 milli loud so the silencer's drawn
I'm live from the war I don't believe in cryin' at all
I'm a manic depressive, never get excited at all
I'ma live forever, don't believe in dyin' at all
I was born peaceful, I was never violent at all
Then my father died, that was like a knife through my core
Any love I had inside me not alive anymore
Lion of war Joseph Dredd, I am the law
I'm the reason faggot rappers can't thrive any more
My little man will blow your face off
I flatten out bodies, I ain't talkin' 'bout a race horse
Murder every rapper then I break off
Schemin' on this mufuckin' money, Bern Madoff
Ya'll was always pussies so stay soft
The only time beef is mentioned 'round me is for steak sauce
I work harder than ya'll, it's no days off
The knife work +Scratch+ and +Cut+ you up like Main Source
My fam walk around with hawks on 'em
Big mufuckas infared dots on 'em
And ain't a mufucka that can box wit' 'em
Razor under the tongue, he keep an ox wit' 'em
Hardbody rap, God of the Serengeti
I'm a sinner, I'm the God of the seven deadly
Everything I do hard and it's legendary
I spit sixteen bars and you dead and buried