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Artist: Until the Ribbon Breaks f/ Mr. MFN eXquire
Album:  Pressure (S)
Song:   Pressure
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[Verse One: Pete Lawrie Winfield]
I've been knee deep in trouble, trying to stay afloat 
Pressure, pressure, noose 'round the throat
Quick storm comin, you better stay indoors
Secrets, secrets, buried in the floor
Oh baby wants a new life, that's what she might get
Pressure, pressure, a noose 'round my neck
Send me down a rope, lost out to sea
Trouble now coming, coming for me

Maybe in another life, if we get another life
Maybe in that life, I could learn, to love you
Maybe in another time, if there is another time
Maybe in that time, I could learn, to love you

[Verse Two: Pete Lawrie Winfield]
There’s a riot in the town, a wolf at the door
Pressure, pressure, poison at the core
Quick storm coming, God save the queen
...Wake up from your dream
There's a riot in the town, smoke in your lungs
Pressure, pressure, blocking out the sun
Send me down a rope, lost out to sea
Trouble now coming, coming for me


[Rap Verse: Mr. MFN eXquire]
My life flash before my eyes, it's like a sequence in a dream
I died to darkness and got swallowed and devoured by a big white light 
It smothered me, staring at my face while they covered me
My soul left my body, now I'm hovering, over me
Thinkin 'bout my wrongs, my rights, my ups, my downs, my left, my right
Decisions that I made and games I played, wish I could played them twice
An angel came, took me by my hand to the pearly gates
and placed me on the scale, where they weigh your soul for hell
Suddenly I fell rapidly, the heat of fire, smellin brimstone
As demons dance surrounding molten lava
Ghouls and goblins, waitin for my soul to drop 
But the moment I was s'posed to hit the ground is when I got up
Damn, bad dream... {*exhales*}