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Artist: Unique and Dashan f/ Arnold Jarvis
Album:  Black to the Future
Song:   House Is Taking Over
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Unique ]
It's you, girl, you're the one I want
You know you want me too, so don't try to front
It's true, for all you do, this jam is dedicated to you
So hold me, squeeze me, but don't tease me
Just do your best to please me
I stand beside you, so I can guide you
Open your heart and I come inside you
Girl, I know that you was sent from way up above
That's why this one is for the one I love

[ VERSE 2: Unique ]
Let's step to the party, bring some Bacardi
I wanna see you shake that body
Give up the butt when you dance with me
Cause I'm your host in the place to be
MC Unique and DJ Dashan
Beatbox Buggs is my right-hand man
Now the bass is thumpin, the crowd is jumpin
I know you like the jam cause it's pumpin
Girls give it up to the guys
They want what's between your thighs and it's no surprise
That's why they got that look in their eyes
If you don't have a partner just grab one
Cause it don't make no sense not to have one
The Blackwatch is in effect
This is '89 and we are out to wreck
So come on with it, it's easy to dance to
And give Vanglorious a chance to
Make it to the top and won't stop or ever drop
From this thing we call hip-hop
Cause rappin to me is a cool thing
Break out the choir, it's time to sing
Hit it

[ Arnold Jarvis ]
House is takin over
House is takin over
House is takin over
House is takin over
House is takin over
House is takin over
Somebody said it before
Now I say it once more
House music's in the place and it's here to stay
Now I don't know if you agree with me
That this beat is def and the rhymes are funky
But we'll be rockin the house until we're old and grey

House has gotten over
Music's gotten over
House is takin over nowadays
Can you hear me when I say
When I say
House is takin over
Music's gotten over

House has gotten over
The music's gotten over
House has gotten over nowadays

[ Professor X ]
This is protected
By the red, the black and the green
With a key