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Artist: Uncle Murda f/ Cam'Ron, French Montana, Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Styles P, Vado 
Album:  Warning (Remix) 12"
Song:   Warning (Remix)
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[Intro: Female] (Tuneheadz)
Warning!!!! (THIS IS THE REMIX! UH HUH!) 
Warning!!!! (THIS IS THE REMIX! GMG! TUNEHEADZ!!!!!!!)

[Verse One: Uncle Murda]
I get money I get money, OOOH I'm gettin paper
I ain't playin I ain't playin I'll smack the shit out a hater
That's my baby girl right there, OOOH she with her friends
I'm a dog I ain't shit, I'm a wind up hittin her friends
Banger a Outlaw, OOOH I'm like Pac
But I ain't die after the second time I got shot
I got greasy bars OOOH I'm talkin reckless
Got niggas that's beefin with each other on the same record
Look at Jeezy look at Ross, OOOH they fallin out
It's not just New York they beefin with each other in the south
I get paper I get paper, OOOH I'm gettin money
This the real remix, cameras just bein funny

[Verse Two: French Montana]
Bring 'em in kick 'em out like OOOH see you later
Mix purple with the yellow like OOOH, I'm a Laker (Swish!)
Ain't no doubt about it I'm a Lamborghini parker
And my shorty got a dunk like OOOH Candace Parker
Hopin out that thang, OOOH chain dangle
Gettin top at my favorite song, OOOH Headbanger
Montana, Murda and you know we run the state
See shorty actin bouji but OOOH her bag fake
Hit up Sue's, Perfection's, OOOH Sin City
Montana, Coke Boyz, OOOH we run the city
Homey tryin to keep up, OOOH they goin broke
I'll finish your career, OOOH get a rope (UH!!!)

[Interlude: Female]
Warning!!!! X4

[Verse Three: Jadakiss] (Styles P)
Dope money dope money, OOOH (That Montega)
In the spot gettin gwop, OOOH (That's hard labor)
In the club poppin bottles (Yeah we blowin that sour)
Hand full of real niggas (Rest of these niggas cowards)
How you want it? (How you want it?) Hands, gun or the knife
(Soon as your man see the barrel) He 'gon run for his life
(Bullets flyin) Bullets flyin, OOOH (Another wake)
(Everyday, is a funeral) Niggas is not safe
(Yeah you poppin at the dealer) But nigga it's not weight!!!
(Nine'll blow ya brains out) My nigga cannot wait
(Ridin dirty) Ridin dirty (OOOH That's European)
Put my key in put your key in (OOOH) look what we seein
(I'm the) nicest I'm the (Hardest) give it to any artist
(From the coldest to the hottest (Excuse me for bein modest)
(Bet I'm clappin if I'm drawin) Talk to me in the mornin
(Next time It's shots fired) This is the only warnin
Yeah! What!

[Verse Four: Jim Jones]
Uncle Murda gave you a warnin
I ain't givin you shit I come at the bitch starvin
Four extended clear thirty shots clear up your foreign
I told you fuck rappers your life is not that important
Like GRRRR!!! (GRRRR!!!) My niggas sellin the white
And OOOH I'm like Suge and y'all Vanilla Ice
And OOOH If I get locked you know I'm bailin tonight
I spoke to my lawyer he tellin me that's it's right
Like! I'm from Harlem, catch me up in the Heights
I don't got on Jordan's you catch me up in some white
OOOH These niggas pussy don't trust 'em they like dyke's
OOOH My niggas vamps don't trust 'em we might bite like..........

[Interlude: Female] (Vado)

[Verse Five: Vado]
Yellow top bottles it move sell at the lobby 
Niggas snitchin like kids like OOOH I'm tellin mommy
Third time he slippin, OOOH let's go get 'em
Got the drop where he live at with two of my hoes live at
Today I'm feelin ignorant zoomin down Lenox
Benz door sky high like OOOH that 'bout did it
My man mom's on me, OOOH I'm not with it
Hear the voices in my head like OOOH do not hit it
Let me be specific, dude I'm that nigga
I could coach you how to ball with your green like Doc Rivers
I'm a side roman, OOOH them blocks shiver
Doc siz is how I cradle the rock, a gwop getter

[Interlude: Female] (Cam'Ron)
Warning!!!! X4 (Killa!!!)

[Verse Five: Cam'Ron]
My girlfriend's girlfriend OOOH they don't like me
See me with a chick they like OOOH that ain't wifey
Lookin at my feet these shoes they ain't Nike
Man don't even ask, OOOH them things pricey
Chick's baby fathers OOOH they wanna fight me
Jewelry out the freezer OOOH a nigga icey
Her coochie ain't right, OOOH It's a crisis
Smellin like fish, OOOH she a Pisces
O Twelve Seven, OOOH that thang pretty
Make me say OOOH, OOOH like Sin City
Gettin money gettin money, man I'm gettin paper
I ain't playin I ain't playin I'll smack the shit out a hater
Smack the shit out ya neighbor, smack the shit out the mayor
Smack the shit out ya pregnant baby ma while she in labor

[Outro: Female] (Cam'Ron)
Warning!!!! X4