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Artist: Ultramagnetic MC's
Album:  New York What is Funky
Song:   I Like Your Style
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[unknown singer - words can't be clearly heard - first 45 seconds]

[Kool Keith]
I look at you as the sweet one, the one to touch
When I'm rubbin you down, it doesn't take that much
Of baby oil, when I'm soothin your skin
It's just a part of the foreplay, now the love begin
I take a condom, and calmly open the pack
Remove your panties and bra, and while you lay on your back
I kiss your legs, a certain spot between them
Bend over your navel, like a pro I can swing them
Very modest, now put your hand on my neck
I like to come in stiff, with my timing correct
With total skill, I see your style is mild
But you ready to learn, as a woman not a child
So think of this, and when I look in your eyes
Because... I like your style

[singer ad libs "I like your style" and other phrases]

[Ced Gee]
Girl, if we get together, we'll only have big fun
Respect to the utmost, and you'll be the only one
that I'm seein, willing to be in a relationship with
While relieving
My sexual, whims and desires
I'd like to grab you, touch you, make you scream higher
Into ecstasy, while you're next to me
I can't help myself, I've just got to be
throwing your legs, over my shoulders, rocking them
Reaching climax, pausing, then dropping them
On down steadily, rugged, but tender
Now the moon's bright, as we in the
first quarter, two minutes away 'til the second
Lots of love left honey, no need for steppin
So now you know this, so grab and hold this
Orally, you're griping me, so I sing this

[singer ad libs "I like your style" and other phrases]

[Kool Keith]
You wake up early, and bring me breakfast in bed
You bring a plate with the french fries, a shake instead
We'll take a shower, and massage in the bath
You've got the mold for one heart, but two is a craft
When I'm kissing, my tongue is scanning your lips
You got your hands on my back, my hands are gripping your hips
Continous, I like to flow real smooth
I like to go to the climax, beyond the groove
In total ecstasy, you're very warm and wet
You're like a sweet peach, that I have to get
You're real fruity, my afternoon dessert
I like to stay inside, I never hang out and flirt
I keep your heart in my hand, never drop it or leave it
You think I'm tellin the truth? Trust me love, because

[singer ad libs "I like your style" and other phrases to end]