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Artist: U-God
Album:  Move Bitch (S)
Song:   Move Bitch
Tyoed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: U-God]
Oh no, yeah, Drama King, what, yo

[Chorus 2X: U-God]
Move bitch, get out my way
My shit bout to spray, my shit bout to spray, I say

Yo, oh no, the fights out
U-God pull the fucking pipe out
Get slapped when I bounce, kick back when I pounce
I kick up my Timbs, I'm back in the house
Yes, it's him, Platinum Mouth
From the Island called Staten, Manhattan South
That's right, my momma didn't raise no slouch
I'm dustin' niggas off, knockin' niggas out
I'll tell you what I'm bout, quiet as kept
They call me Ugodz-Illa, a terrorist threat
Number one squad killa, leave 'em all dead
That Supa Nigga, screw on the warheads
Police takin' portraits, streets endorse it
Snakes double crossed, think we lost it
Got the gun to your neck, raid your fortress
I'm runnin' with the tech, and I came with enforcements, nowg

[Chorus 2X]

[Chorus II: U-God]
Move bitch, these niggas don't play
My shit bout to spray, my shit bout to spray, I say
Move bitch, stay in your lane
My shit bout to spray, my shit bout to spray

Yo, immortal thugs, coming with the grudge
Mics and guns is when the wolves smell blood
My ankles in the mud, I'm sensational
Mic professsional, niggas here to play with you
Everytime I spray it through, lay it through the hoops
Sayin' it's smooth like blues, play it in the Coupe
Break fool, bring the dude, plus bring the jewel
Cut, like the Gensu, when I swing the tool
Keep steroids in the pistol, you don't wanna disco
Official G's on a killing spree
You nursery Down South, version of me
I see who you are, you can't snatch the thrown
Cuz I'm bad to the bone, when I attack the cloness
Upside your dome, cuz my balls is brass
I'm that chainsaw killer, you get sawed in half
With jab to the bladder, your chin all glass
Make grown man stagger, and then haul ass
And your mouth is big, I'm that righteous kid
With bright ideas, that'll bite your ear
Softback niggas, it's the Invincible Arms
With remicible credit, the missile was strong
Trout mouth nigga, then I hit you with bongs
Back and forth ping-pong, with Pinky Ring's on
Rip the icon, with the python


[Chorus II]

I see you up in pictures, you little fuckin' bitch I
Thought that you could rhyme, but now I'm gonna get ya
Had to admit to, that you are kitty litter
I'm like the cat, on you I shit-a
Name doesn't fit you, with the shotty start to hit ya
If your mother went away, nobody were to miss her
See how I diss her, nigga, suck my dick-a
Give her money for liquor, then I dismiss her


[Chorus II]

[Outro: U-God]
That shit was easy, my hair is peezy
Movin' on up, George and Wheezy, nigga, sleezy, bitch
Grease nigga, yeah bounce to that, muthafucka
This Manhattan South, nigga, I'mma take it there
Niggas wanna play around, lay around
Got machine guns and street sweepers bitch
New York nigga, Down South, what?
East Coast, West Coast, Ugodz-Illa
I'm stompin' on ya, bitch ass nigga
It's motion picture, muthafucka
Read the scripture, I'm comin'
It's Daddy Long Caddy, bitch
That nigga said it's Daddy Long Caddy