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Artist: U-God
Album:  Freeze (S)
Song:   Freeze
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: U-God]
Rugged ah, rugged, rugged
You lovin' it, you lovin' it
You lovin' shit....
Spit flames of fire, Wu-Tang Empire
Stack, the dough higher
Hip hop socializer, lizer
Coming with the funky vibe
Rugged ah, rugged, rugged
You lovin' it, you lovin' it
You lovin' shit....

Everything's ivory, my eyes stay firey
Face on the wanted poster, wasted the iron piece
Ice water in my veins, rock chains with a lion piece
Got twin dragons nicknamed and siamese
In the Benz truck, wagon chick she was Guyanese
Across seas, they wired peace
Science of the G, on Staten, I control the streets
Fresh from Colombia, we stretch like them coco leaf
My thing keep poking me, only gets me hyper
Thousand yards away if you tear ya face; sniper
Yeah, I'm the type to, slice ya, get shanked up
Used to be on top, but, now I'm going bankrupt
Make ups to break up, Wu better stand up
Fuck around, lay around, get you and ya man stuck
Niggas get, blamped up, no, I'm no pretender
Rock garbage trucks on them heavy weight contenders

"Freeze, music please"

I'm so gutter, I rock the belt
I'm like butter, baby, watch me melt
And I stay top shelf, I'm hard as fuck
Keep my ear to the streets, both guards up
And I stay scarred up, when I hold the fort
And I bust my gun on the whole New York
Rock, crush lenin, touch women for sport
Wu came in the beginning, and we planted the thought
I came with the force, from the Most High
And I came too close, to almost dying
And I, almost cried, but I pound the walls
No matter, how hard I try, I rise to fall