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Artist: U-God
Album:  Come Back Strong (S)
Song:   Come Back Strong
Typed by: Davida.b.

Yo, yo, all out the holsters, super soakers
Scope semi, and your Remy on the coster, quick
MC Ultra, star studded choker
Red Testarosas, with these rugged rap roaches, bitch
From coast to coast a, date a local
Forty fort posters, poker face for you joker's here
Stems and mochas, certified crack broker
Vida loca, eatin' choca on your sofa, bed
I'm Sammy Sosa, back stroker, Drama King
Don't talk to me, let the fuckin' llama sing
Bounce with Bahama thing, just rubbin' the spot
Thick ass with a wicked jumpshot, shit
What the blood clot? Rebels lock
The ghetto blocks, keep your head level and your metal cocked
And unstoppable force, juggernaut, twin glocks
Gun to your lips, locked to the barrel, kid
Jump out your hip hop apparel
And wrestle in the Gravel Pit, the road gets narrow, bitch
For my momma name Vera, here's a flaming arrow
And shit is sterile, I'm suede, kickin' your flannel
The And 1 handle, mansion like Sopranos
Long commando, packed with the mega ammo
Vandals out the box slam you
Yo, the actual, factual, act is, I'm a natural

[Chorus: U-God]
Everytime I come back strong
Ya'll keep sleepin' on, but I keep creepin' on
Now it's time to bounce back ya'll
Ya'll keep sleepin' on, but I keep keepin' on
Everytime I come back strong
Ya'll keep sleepin' on, but I keep creepin' on
Everybody love my songs

It's 2003, time to catch new bodies
New hotties, new shotties, some say I'm too snotty, kid
I got a new hobby, God Body karate
Mazaratti, my hair stay knotty, yeah
Pop wheelies on Ducatti, fuck Delta Walley
Butter soft taco, clog up the arteries
Hog up the party scene, damn, if I told ya'll
Off with his head, it's the Samurai Soldier, kid
Full exposure, lovin' the soul on a role, call
I told ya'll, I drop bulldozers, kid
Hold you in, contempt of court
Cuz what I vent from the heart, I don't need no ground support
My necklace talkin', Lexus bought, was injected and froze
In the nose, yo, you chose to snort it
This reckless sportsman, bososman bounced in the walkman
Last name Hawkings, got your lost in
The lethal nerves, heat superb
You think he won't blow, punk? You gonna eat those words
You see his birds, all furred out
Herbal smoke chokin', eyeballs all slurred out, yeah
This that and that third turn out
Enterprise, stack pies til the sun burn out, shit
Learn about the 'lethal weapon', rap Danny Clover
Uncanny brother, never judge a book by the cover


[Hook 4X: U-God]
Grind it up, grind it up
Gind it up, put it out, cut 'em down