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Artist: U-God
Album:  The Keynote Speaker
Song:   Tranzform
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: U-God]
Have you seen your friends turn to snakes
Then transform into rats
While running through the jungle
I can tell you all bout that

Let's get this straight, I'm way above all this hate
I'm in my lane, I'm circling with no breaks
And no blinkers, my team still running, gunning
Still hungry, you think that you can sink us, think us
Windex clean, no way I'm gonna see the clinker
And if I'm dirty, you think that you can link us, think of
Another format, informant, I'm not your doormat
I hear clicking on my phone jack, no call backs
The phone zap, matter fact, yo, I know it's taped
Matter fact, didn't you just catch a case
You in my face, acting like you high as fuck
Gucci belt, showing out, man, you wired up
Let's tie this up, the God got to live this out
I'm in the rut, but my gut's never giving out
I'm in the moment, staring at the hear and now
Can't tear me down, I'm living like a righteous child
I had these thoughts, knew I had to write them down
No sun rays, I live this shit underground
The devil's back, he's mad at my lifestyle

[Chorus 2X]

Handle my hardware, always had to earn my keep
Money and friendship, always had to turn the beef
Behind my back, you should of had your words with me
But talk is cheap, acting like you own the streets
You wan't beef, but all I'm doing is trynna eat
But we was mans, plans, million dollar scams
Now June 24th, you lying on the fucking stand
The judge slammed the hammer, and grand jury glamour
Now it's club fed education in the Alabama
I ask myself, should I put down the hammer
These blood sucking vampires always coming atcha
Leechers on my back, bottom feeders, body snatchers
Savages, in pursuit of happiness
My wife want half of this, oh, she's trynna jam me up
You won't get half of this, sorry, dear, no tummy tuck
I ask myself, for the fame, for the bucks
Now ask myself man, aww, she's just star struck
I tricked on Timbs, had flicks of her
My best man creeping on the Western, spotted in the west end

[Chorus 2X]