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Artist: U-God
Album:  The Keynote Speaker
Song:   Stars
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 3X: singer]
Reaching for the stars

Rockstar lifestyle, living it right now
There he go, getting it hype, now
All the noise, your boys is piped down
In the moment, living it right now
Chest out, here come the right now
In the light, never the back down
Watch the evil, it lives in the background
Fame, been known to attract crowds

[Hook: sample (U-God)]
Take me to the stars (Got to feel like I'm out of this world)
Take me to the stars (Push it to the limit, feeling out of this world)

Only way to connect, is with convo
Show respect for what you borrow
Like the science of the cosmos
Paint Picassos for use and Cerado
Never settle is my motto
Small minds seem to put themselves in the bottle
Create a path you should follow
Positive thoughts, better tomorrows

[Chorus 4X]

Let's talk about, revenge, serve cold
Jealousy, it gets old
How could you want, what the next man have
You can't control, what you can't have
Don't lose your soul, just to get cash
You need some help, but you didn't ask
You're only as good, as what you did last
Heard he could flow, heard he could spit fast
Hold your head, don't get gassed
Good time lovings and some good laughs
Kicking your feet up, first class
Good kid, on a good path

[Chorus 4X]