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Artist: U-God
Album:  The Keynote Speaker
Song:   Keynote Speaker
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: U-God]
Watch out, here it come, that's the spirit, son
I can feel it in the air, I'm feeling young
Not here to fight, we call it fun
Allah gave me light, real strong
Meet me at the top, lear don
Damn right, nope, we always kill songs

Momma gave birth, righteous seed
Tension in the hood, it's alright with me
Flows laid down with lightning speed
The track game good, it's alright with me
I'mma keep dropping albums, each year
Fold ya'll niggas, beach chair
I told ya'll niggas, it's heat here
Watch how ya'll step, watch your feet there
You blocking the shine of the chief here
It's Keynote Speaker, leap year


Relentless, hustle, respect the fullest
I'm ready, set, see my extra bullets
I'm on deck, see, I'm next to do it
My nest is blooming, my heart is fuming
What you expect, man, the God is human
I'm next to do it, my brain is fluid
This is my anger, it's chamber music, now
Here we are, to spank and bruise it, now
Middle finger, if you think we lose it
But you like it cuz you choose it
You can't coach me out my style
I'm the millennium poster child
Put in years, move at a slow pace
As I watch ya'll spit with no taste