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Artist: U-God
Album:  The Keynote Speaker
Song:   Skyscraper
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: U-God]
The skyscraper
The skyscraper
The skyscraper

Watch how I swing 'em, pass the Apollo
Pass Jimmy Jazz, easy on the throttle
Sky land glitter, cooks in the night dish
Fucked up apple, let me take a bite
Push back the drop, knife the long stretch
Then I hit the Dutch twice, let me sun drench
Freeway of life, we might just bump heads
All these hood niggas, in front the projects
Tweet all the masses, plans to bomb threat
See 'em on the block, salute the young vets
Used to move with the best, now they call them the elite
Inner city dudes, bad news with the heat
Girl you're in for a treat, no keys in the pocket
Push button seats, jump start the rocket
Pennies, for profit, minks up in the closet
Southern fried birds get seasoned with the arson

[Chorus: U-God]
Big city life (the skyscraper)
Big city lights (the skyscraper)
Big city life (the skyscraper)
Big city lights (the skyscraper)

Bitches and fame, came from the hustle
The will and the power, came from the struggle
Violence on the Island, cause niggas to crumble
Behind the dumpster, all day we hustle
Shots to the vertebrae, murder rate doubled
Then the ambulance came, zip lock the duffle
Stick up, kids, in the sports bar
Shots in the hill, by Stapleton Park
It's one of them nights, wish upon a star
That the hood might settle and peace may start
Police drive by, hide the marijuana
Chicks stroll by in 'Sace and Gabana
Once ain't enough, nigga, pass that raw
If I miss you three times, gon' catch bullet four

[Chorus 2X]