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Artist: U-God f/ Elzhi, Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Keynote Speaker
Song:   Mt. Everest
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
INS your highness, Golden Arms
What it be, like?

[Inspectah Deck]
I make 'em nod like Paedamin
See I'm live, might dive off the mezzanine
Brown bomber, sound harder, the crowd bonkers
I'm bout dollars, I touchdown in your town, holla
INS Gladiator, call him Hustle Crowe
Son a pro, watch these lame niggas, come and go
Bless with the poison pen, murder was the case
So I guess it's them boys again
Throw your deuce high, salute I, heed the general
The last one to run, I will take all ten of you
I'm feeling myself, BK, wheeling the belt
Rocking my shit, eyes on the real wealth
Me and Goldie, tell 'em it's easy money
Now shorty wanna fuck, that's sleazy, honey
Fame call us, money, it change all us
Get it how you live it, or sing the same chorus
The game taught us, nothing to bang for us
W claim all us, yeah, Wu-Tang for life

Look, was raised on the island of the misfits
The children of the corn, snatch your green with the biscuits
It's what you might call food for thought
And what's a killing season if you don't include the shark
Let's toss to start a feud and leave your whole mood distraught
You used to feel safe until they unscrewed your vault and
Took your common sense out your memory bank
And dumped on you like missiles over enemy tanks
A homey, drive slow, like you in front of five-oh
Cuz forks go in the road, and your back is where the knives go
While the addicts hiding silver spoons
Being cut so deep it's hard to heal the wounds
Those who flash and don't blast, they still buffoons
Just blowing out hot air, they should fill balloons
Yo, I'm like them shorties, that'll kill for goons
That started hustling in April, to cop wheels in June

I want leverage, ice cold beverage
Money I can't count, I black out, standing on Mt. Everest
Life lessons, the cover of Essence
It's pure excellence, 5'10, write down my measurements
Politic the deficit, fingerprints no evidence
Cocaine caviar, hitting on receptionists
Hang with the specialist, gold medalist
Presidential cred, eating steaks that's tenderous
Got my bread, catch me in Meghan Fox bed
Cash crop, Gucci iPad bags, tall black top Nike's, with fat laces
Riches from rags, cashes and dime faces
Got promoted up, friends up in high places
Next move, my best move, chess move, the strategy
Closet full of gun, son, nothing but gadgetry
Get off that bullshit, that hip hop faggotry
I'm high bread, nigga, words defy gravity
Clothes never raggedy, oil paintings of me, displayed up in gallery
Capture me, Wu-Tang forever, immortality, high salary, blessing
For my mother named Valerie, and my two sons named after me
Racks and stacks, swiftly I'm browsing
First class ticket to the moon, only cost, fifty thousand
Niggas be dialing, it's understood, I'm running with goons, one of a mind
Imported good, can't let the hood, consume me
Lord, the last time I check, I'm fifty points on the boards, good lord