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Artist: U-God
Album:  The Keynote Speaker
Song:   Heavyweight
Typed by: Cno Evil

Man, I'm a giant, call him entertainer
Biggest in the game, money generator
Rugged style innovator, smash all boundaries
I'm in your head, baseline keep pounding me
Keep astounding me, capture the moment
I'm your most, dangerous opponent
The good shit, yeah, yeah, I'm on it
Stinging up your city like the Shaolin hornets
I just been promoted, got my stars and stripes
My heavy duty baggage, on my scars of life
My anger hit the pen you know my bars get tight
Fly cars, I want my name in stars and lights
This heavyweight life with a dose of thrills
We pulling in the houses in the Hollywood hills
The God got skills, educated listener
Rap for The W, the MC conditioner
Rap fans, listen up, we switch it up and resignate
One man army, your hands in your mental state
Enemies disintegrate, world, while I captivate
Left for a minute, came back like a heavyweight

[Chorus: U-God]
I got plenty big things, under my belt
Got plenty big things, under my belt
Cuz you're fucking with a heavyweight
Fuck, fucking with a heavyweight, heavyweight
Fuck, fucking with a heavyweight
Fucking with a heavyweight

I grew up hard, my cards was dealt
Got plenty big things, under my belt
Went from the block where the grams would melt
Stomped through many land, my Clan was felt
The grams is hell and life was good
Went from the strip to a righteous dude
Went from the strip to ringside seats
Egyptian cotton, king size sheets
Kissed Janet on the cheeks, party with Puff
Rode the tour bus through the finest cities
Rock the whole Europe, touched the finest titties
Collections of fifties, gritties and weed jars
Movie stars and the finer days
Left Eye, Aaliyah and Isaac Hayes
Back in the days, nothing to play with
Wu-Tang Clan, we stayed on your playlist
Shouts to the DJs that made us famous
Written in the books with the hall of famers
Written in stone, next to all the singers
Thanks to the fans, the love you gave us