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Artist: U-God f/ GZA, Scotty Wotty
Album:  The Keynote Speaker
Song:   Heads Up
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Scotty Wotty]
Yeah, we on a high stake game right now, my G
Heh, no foots allowed, you understand?

[Scotty Wotty]
I dibbled in Philly, double downed in Vegas
Tripled off a nickel down in Talladega
Tipped the oaf, blood money and smoke
And I swear the state wrote any rhyme that I quote
Here on all hours about, stuffing the coach
Making sure that shit'll slam right in your mouth
I'm laying on cellophane bags, stuffed in vials
Palms got itchy cuz my girl blew trial
Checking for funny money, purple life and marked bills
Throw your dick in the dirt for chopped crills
Open like a market of flees, and from a
Eleven to seven, son, if you coppin' for trees
And I'm only fucking with twenties and Z's
If you get the wrong idea, you better come with the D's
Cuz the bank won't stop, and the bank won't freeze
I double dosed and processed in fourteen

I spent a lot of time on the bounce to get it right
Stay rough around the edge, it's like a bare knuckle fight
Call me Smokey Robinson when I write, cuz I'm a journal
I keep the burner tucked, deep inside the thermal
And the way I hear you talking to me is irrelevant
My laser sharp speech, makes me relevant
Makes the ground shake like a gang of elephants
And I came with Mathematics, supreme intelligence
So I can mix it in the pot and watch the rocks just melt
I put holes on the block, it's just a notch in my belt
Or invest in new bubbles, watch the rocket and sell
When the pockets start to swell, I'm taking a lane
Hit the button, doors open like butterfly wings
And the sound system jumping, I'm the summertime thing
And we always up to something when the temperature's hot
At the Maldives Island, watch the landing gear drop

Yo, lyrical battles I identify with
I load up and exploit this fly gift
The clip get filled with sixteen bars
Lead hit the paper so the loose leaf scarred
The mic booth is bulletproof
Anger and frustration, auto five from hooded use
In the darkest area, assassins that'll bury ya
Decoded message from the fastest courier
This craft of tray with the sharp blade
A double edge sword give light and dark fades
Turn murderous rap, only means I killed it
Up close and personal, Wu-Tang revealed it
Mic masters, hip hop's Hallmark
The big bang of rap, and the center was all dark
And then came the spark, and we begin to rhyme and shine
Light on the world in the form of art