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Artist: U-God f/ Jim Jones, Sheek Louch
Album:  Dopium
Song:   Magnum Force
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Jim Jones]
Uh-huh, Jones, one-two, one-two
G's up, you know who I am, Jones, the struggle
New York's mine

[Jim Jones]
Can it be it was all so simple
Imagine me in the Porsche, when I spin thorugh
I lost my fitted when the wind blew
Down in Miami, when we floss, no Winstons
Looking for some ice cream, hooked on the night scene
Way back when Eric B. was a 'mic fiend'
What about the pipe fiends, got 'em in line
Sell 'em all pipe dreams, I was on my grind
Now I'm in my prime like 36 Chambers
Pull through your block with like thirty-six rangers
Don't say it, we dangerous, give a fair warning
Party til the morning, to the last call
Go hard, nigga, cuz when it rain it starts pouring
You a nigga sleep, like you snoring
My niggas creep like they crawling
Pray for you niggas, oh, lord, could you pray for this nigga?

[Chorus: U-God]
See me ride and creep through the night in the fog
Heat's to your skull, cuz this time, it's on
(It's a jungle out here) Nowhere to run, you in the eye of the storm
Sing your goodbyes, cuz this time, you're gone
(Boy, we rumble out here) You want forgiveness, pray to the Lord
You live by the sword, you die by the sword
(It's a jungle out here) Kick down your door, show no remorse
Ah, fuck it, magnum force, get 'em

Yo, it's danger when the beat loops, hard like Sheek Louch
God got a sweet tooth for white broads and fleetwoods
Drive-by music, watch when the jeep swoop
Three wolves jumped out, armored up, neat roof
Them dudes eat fruit,  pick it right, off the tree
Deep roots in the street, that's right, I'm a G
These boots don't walk from the Hill to France
Dunn, shout out to dance hall, gorilla stance
Make, killas glance, heads, start popping
Police just watch, hoes, start clocking
Foes can't block 'em, your spine is jelly
But mine is gully, my insides is ugly
And I shine with my hat low, behind the skully
It's Zilla, Zilla, with the monster belly
And my hands stay steady, I move in silence
But I'm, ready to live, nigga, Christopher Wallace


[Sheek Louch]
Ok, uh, you ain't that hard to go against U-God
Bitch, I keep squeezing til you dead or a retard
Walk past your block with my glock and my iPod
Hoodie over, bandana, and flip your little Rover over
If it's a jungle, I'm a silverback, strip down it
Aston Martin through the hood, fiends wipe down it
Real hip hop, you looking for it, just found it
It's like punishment, the way a nigga stay grounded
Humble, but I rumble, bang you
Throw up the W, niggas'll Wu-Tang you
D-Block, I let it pop for the G-O-D
Mad bitches in the club, homey, you know me
I got paper, I urinate a couple G
Whitey's looking like, who he suppose to be?
Don Gorilla, a/k/a Donny G
Love crime, U-God, one more time, let's go