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Artist: Tyler, the Creator
Album:  Goblin
Song:   Transylvania
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Left Brain, Wolf Haley
Golf Wang, Free Earl uhh~!

[Tyler, the Creator]
God damn I love women
Daydream about penis being in 'em
Meet them with a big grin with a Mac-10
rope, katana, and then I skin 'em
All beige suit made out of white women
with the red lipstick, dancin to John Lennon
with the red splattered jeans made out of blue denim
They can catch me in the spot where the sun don't shine
Bitch don't mind me, shake yo' hiney
The only motherfuckin Wolf here that spit venom
You're a bad bitch with a real good kitten
and I got the appetite of them fat black women
Wolf Gang in this bitch with a bunch of rats with 'em
Lookin like the holocaust with Supreme hats with 'em
I am tryin to get Ms. Piggy
by the motherfuckin hairs of her chinny chin chin - umm
What's that? The cock of a black dude
Mad cause his daughter got the swag of a vacuum (aww, fuck it)
Fuck it I'll take her to the back room
dungeon, fighting and punching
And now the slut is under the fuckin assumption
that I will be fuckin and munchin her muffin
Cunt will be bleeding, but that's not from the
time signature of the month, ummm

(It's because) I'm Dracula bitch
Don't got a problem smacking a bitch
Kidnappin, attackin, with axes and shit
'til I grab them throats and start smackin them shits
(It's because) I'm Dracula bitch
Don't got a problem smackin a bitch
Kidnappin, attackin, with axes and shit
'til she decides to take Dracula's dick

[Tyler, the Creator]
God damn I love bitches
Especially when they only suck dick and wash dishes
cook and clean and grant my wishes
and make me and the Wolf Gang sandwiches
Transylvania crypt let's take a
tour titch try getting through that black trap
door keep yelling and workin them vocal chords
And that'll be more of a reason that you'll get slapped up, for
Is that Ford trunk's comfy? (Fuck you!)
{Fuck me? No, fuck Buffy}
That little bitch keeps trying to hunt me
Jumping over gates, what the fuck she want from me?
She keeps... sending me garlic
How many times I gotta tell her I'm allergic?
(I like your cape) Oh this Bathing Ape cape?
Bitch, I got it for a bargain at the neighborhood Target
Fangs are sharp, and I hope you know
that all I really want from you is that throat
I can't eat pussy cause I might leave cuts
then there's blood on my sheets, but that might be a plus
On the channel, a fucking animal
leakin like pairs of candles
Bitch, is it hard to handle?
I don't want a bride, I just want bone marrow


Bite her in her fuckin neck
Bite her in her fuckin neck
Bottom of the fuckin lake
Bottom of the fuckin lake
Call my gang of wolves and bats
Call my gang of wolves and bats
It's a full moon tonight
and these hoes ain't actin right
It's because I'm Dracula bitch
(Swag, swag, swag)
{It's because}
Left Brain, Wolf Haley
Free Earl, Golf Wang
Golf Wang, Golf Wang
Golf Wang, it's the fuckin Golf Wang
It's the fuckin Golf Wang, I'm the fuckin Golf Wang
Nigga this is Golf Wang, fuck yo' family Golf Wang
Kill that bitch it's Golf Wang~!!!
With a sound like this Golf Wang~!!!
That fuckin neck is...
I am from that Golf Wang