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Artist: Tyler, the Creator f/ Hodgy Beats
Album:  Goblin
Song:   Burgers
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[Tyler, the Creator]
Nigga this is my cup, drink the cyanide up
Dope as fuck so I would really shoot a group of guys up
Deep thought, I'm often lost - fuck it, put me next to awesome
Still can't tell the difference, just like Asians with their eyes shut
Butt-fuck a couple rocks, in the Wendy's parking lot
Barkin at the sight of light from my bright sparkling
Cock-a-doodle, eatin toaster strudel at a nude beach in Rome
in a black baked spaghetti strap made of Romen noodles
My bitch is bad, mixed with a thicky ass
Get my dicky rocky, this will end up in a sticky blast
Chris-y Brown, mask on my face, now I'm kickin ass
Life's a bitch, fuck college, mommy I am ditchin class
I rather be happy than fuckin forty
So fuck that teacher's lecture I'm havin Sydney record me
For the 2Dope -- (They didn't like it~!)
Oh well, let's get XXL to write us a fuckin story

[Chorus: Hodgy Beats]
Hey, it's sittin right in my lap I see it, scribbled across the lines I read it
I'm the fuckin poet who knows it, you know it, you bogus
Comprehend the language, you scared of WAR?
I'm all anxious, we got the Angus if you want beef (Hey!)
Now that's a burger for ya ass nigga (Slice the onions)
Now that's a burger for ya ass nigga (Put on the cheese)
Oh, now that's a burger for ya ass nigga (Where's the barbeque sauce?)
Now have that burger, eat it fast nigga (Swag!)

[Tyler, the Creator]
Fucking Aw-get-you-some/all, get you some, obviously intended pun
Same time it took, Jason Dill to get the stitchin done
Custom-made, one of one, sold out Roxy perfor-mance
Ski mask color of a pickle just to perform "Sandwitches"
Started back in fuckin London cracker children wanted something
They could bump and punch a bunch of fuckin faces (Stomp 'em out)
Moshin pits to breakin arms, Zombie Circus not a carn-ival
Wolves is on the farm and we're all evil-harmed
Any sheep creep, quiet tendered sleep
Make a peep, fuckin body will go missing in a week
Roam/Rome around the city with her titties like a fuckin Greek, God 
"Bastard" was the shit, explains why it never leaked
I am +Coming of my Age+ with my Memphis Bleek
Shootin from the sky, the only problem is the missin beak
(Once I have my wings +AND+ my muh'fuckin chain..)
Oh, that's the black talk you give me, let me down a couple cups of bleach


[Tyler, the Creator]
Free Earl, that's the fuckin shit
and if you disagree, lick a couple pimple-covered clits
from some strippin lesbian dikes that fight niggaz
that like to rap about those dikes that fight niggaz
Alright, enough with this shit, let's talk business
Acquire more currency, disregard bitches
Go to Shake house and playin "Goblin" in his kitchen
Then force him and his mom to listen to track six then
If he doesn't like it I'll just slice his fuckin dick and
put it in the cabinet where the fuckin cookies and chips is
Take a bunch of pictures and post 'em on my Twitters then
go to Jimmy Fallon like, "Faggot, when we perfoming?"
Then a bunch of Golf Wang niggaz start stormin on the stage
In a +Rage+ that'll scare Zack Rocha
Better get ya tanks before this Wolf Wars over
History repeats itself, I'm a O.F. soldier