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Artist: Tyler, the Creator
Album:  Bastard
Song:   Wheels
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Tyler, the Creator]
Danielle, Danielle, yeah you heard about Raquel
Well that didn't go well, let us try to make it swell
Put the beaver in the mail, we can take it slow like snail
Lock my heart up, this is jail - throw away the key

Can I sleep over, and wake up next to you?
I want to feel you near, just let me whisper in your ear (um)

[Tyler, the Creator]
We can kick it on the couch, blunt you can roll it up
but I'm on some 'shrooms if you really want to feel the room
I just want to kick it, kick it for the rest
I skated all day, I just need some rest, I'm depressed


[Tyler, the Creator]
We can count the stars on the hood of your father's car
He's a buster anyway, I can take him any day
Look into your eyes I realize that I like you so..
..much that was corny, now I'm horny, can I have a kiss?


[Tyler, the Creator]
We both teenagers with the same mindstate
How about some ice cream and some South Park for this first date?
Your cat is waiting for that raw fish I can't wait
Get it? Hehehe