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Artist: Tyler, the Creator
Album:  Bastard
Song:   Parade
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Odd (I'm not yet a man)
Future (still not of a boy)
Wolf (this my only joy)
Gang (now let's parade in gold)

[Tyler, the Creator]
Welcome to the euphoria of co-Kaine without Abel
I can make music that makes sense, but not meant to be stable
18 with the whole world in front of me
Odd Future teenagers, nobody can fuck with we

[Chorus] - 2X

[Tyler, the Creator]
I scream and jump around on couches while you sit and talk
I skip to places, smiling faces, while you fuckin walk
My TV stays on Cartoon Network, fuck that Twilight shit
You have highlights about your life, I have lights 'bout my high life bitch
Go to college, get a job, marry have a kid
Watch them grow and then you die? No, nigga fuck the sys-tem


[Tyler, the Creator]
Good kids make bad grown-ups - stay gold, stray old
Maturing means that your life sucks
In my wolf suit I roam where the wild things at
Still growing, still learning, not knowing that I'm maxed
I don't want to grow up, I know that shit for a fact
Nigga 18


[Tyler, the Creator]
They say I'm immature, I say that they depressed
I talk to unicorns, I'm wearing a uniform
of a nigga that don't give a fuck about time
You live your life all serious while I'm enjoying mine

{WOW, that's a, that's a very good way to look at it}
Yeah I mean... I don't know
I mean I'm really hyper and everything with my imagination
{Ohh okay - got ADHD?}
I'm not having ADHD like
one second I'm real hyped as fuck
but the next minute - I can just slow that shit down