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Artist: Tyler, the Creator f/ Earl Sweatshirt
Album:  Bastard
Song:   AssMilk
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Uhh~! Addicts arise, when I arrive
in this cracked crack fag backslap in disguise
Fat sack of knives in the passenger side
Bitch reach for the door, get your access denied

[Tyler, the Creator]
I'm not an asshole I just don't give a fuck a lot
The only time I do is when a bitch is screamin "Tyler, stop"
The Big Bad Wolf, to me you're just a minor fox
Red Ridin is gettin some of this wolfly +Odder+ cock

[Earl Sweatshirt]
We the niggaz you scared of like bad dentists
Flow is anthemic, dirty like it's plants in it
Sick spit a pandemic, crack and cancer mixed with cannabis
to have a bitch, ready to stab a clit with some glass and shit

[Tyler, the Creator]
Your whole gang will get diminished, +Bunch+ got the +Bradys+ in it
Spit sick shit like my saliva got the rabies in it
Fuck rap, I'll be your landlord so I can rape the tenants
Daughter leave my house with a new stomach, and a baby in it

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Face it, me and Ace is sick like malaria carriers

[Interlude] + (Tyler)
AUGH oww oww oww oww oww, oww, oww, stop!
Why did you do that? (Say sorry) Sorry
I'm sorry as fuck (say sorry) I'm sorry as fuck
Ow! (Say sorry) I'm sorry, don't look at this
(Say sorry) Don't look at this! (Say sorry)
Ow! Stop (say sorry) 'fore you fuck somethin up
(Say sor..) Sorry, sorry (*laughing*} Uncle!
(Aw fuck this nigga) {I like him}

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Face it, me and Ace is sick like malaria carries
Jim Carrey her to the cemetery to bury her
Listen busters, scarier when I finger fuck her
After I dig her up and then eat her out with a bit of mustard

[Tyler, the Creator]
Took karate mommy told me "Tyler toughen up"
Rihanna haircut, somebody tell Chris Brown to fuck me up
Had to teach the bitch manners, now I gotta learn her
I'll beat the fuck out your bitch anonymous, Ike Turner

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Over, sloppy seconds is my preference
except for when I'm feedin on the flesh of a pedestrian
Nessy Loch Monster stop; will he though? Probably not
Silly hoes lick my balls like FIFA lollipops

[Tyler, the Creator]
Get the certain tingle, eatin Haagen Daas
with some soccer moms where they like to fuckin sit and mingle
Watch an Animal Planet document on the eagles
In the flyest '06 Supreme +Beanie+, +Siegel+

[Earl Sweatshirt[
Your grind's feeble, I'm regal, really, I'm Willy Smith
+I Am Legend+ a snicker dick in a vanilly chick
Come take a stab at it faggot, I pre-ordered your casket
This is known as a classic, yeah that chapped lips crack shit

[Tyler, the Creator]
Hat is always +Forrest+ so the bitches call me +Gump+
but compliment her tits and then it's off to hump her
Fuck her in a Hummer while I rape her then I put her in a slumber
It's not a figure of speech when I tell you that I dumped her

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Known narcissists, sippin on arsenic
Carved carcasses in the garage, don't park in it
Hard as findin retarded kids at Harvard
It's Wolf Gang barkin keep you up like car alarms and shit

[Tyler, the Creator]
Over the edge, yeah I had in a potato sack
cause I'm cold as ice like Anasia when she fuckin Traq
I'm the type to put you down to bring myself up
So when I rape a bitch I hold her down to get my best nut

[Earl Sweatshirt]
The reincarnation of '98 Eminem
60 Crip and Grizzly and some RMK Denim
Pay attention I'm stabbin your women friends, like a gentlemen
then dippin with the fuckin pen to go sin again

[Tyler, the Creator]
White girl, you can ask her what the dick be like
At Monster Madness doin driveby's on a fuckin fixie bike
Fuck it moron, snortin oxycontin, wearin cotton
Oxymoron like buff faggots playin sissy dykes

[Earl Sweatshirt]
This the shit that get crippled bitches to hop
Dirty crack pipes lit, bullshit to stop, halt
Boss broke, spouse choke, blouse open
Sly's little shop of horrors, now showing

[Tyler, the Creator]
I hate gays, gangbangers and fuckin jerkers
unless it's gay gangbangers that's fuckin jerkers
Whoa yo, yo.. no homo
I'm not gay, faggot!!
Odd Future Wolf Gang, Wu-Tanh bangin in your system
Probably bangin in your sister with my children swimmin in her system
Let me say this shit in slow-mo', homo
You don't fuckin skate, take off of that box logo