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Artist: Tyga
Album:  Well Done 4 (Mixtape)
Song:   Young Kobe
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway


[Chorus: Tyga]
T Raww
Young Kobe
I'm twenty-four, nigga, young Kobe
On 24's, that's young Kobe
I'm king of L.A.
Young Kobe
Got white bitches like young Kobe
Got spanish bitches, he young Kobe
My purp' and yellow, nigga, young Kobe
Twenty four mil, niggas won't know me

[Verse 1]
T Raww
Young Kobe
No assists, make the city holy
Put you on blast, these bitches love me
Bobby Vinton you Mr. Lonely
Chop a mack, turn you macaroni
Got that mack game, gotta admire, homey
You pass the whole bitch, you a bogey
Pussy feel good, Tony told me
Hoes sue me, you be last in line
She a whole movie, fuckin' half the time
SHE'LL BE, STRAIGHT, three forty five
I'm never late, on C.P. time
I got the ballin' tech and I'm pressed for time
I might pop up on you, watch you nine to five
Give you hard nine and make you quit your job

[Refrain: Tyga]
Who's that, who that, who that, nigga
In the blue cap, Maybach, Blu Ray, Coup at
Put me where they loot at, shoot at, shoot back {*two gun blasts*}
Like where the loot at, nigga, that's who that (Who that...)
Only twenty-four, I got my mind made up (Mind made up...)
Tonight's the night
I'm lettin' niggas know what's up...
Nigga, west up

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

[Hook: Tyga]
Nigga, you don't know SHIT (SHIT...)
From a can of paint
What a nigga thank, put LK on the blank
Now a nigga thank he me
Now that's some cake SHIT (SHIT...)
Pyramids and horror side inscriptions are held as twenty visions
Sip on a selections, get embodied by my spirit, get money on ten plates
I'm lifted

[Verse 2]
Sick with it
Dougie, I'm home
Fuck it, I'm tryin' to bone, knockin' at my front door
Leave me the fuck alone, I'm blowin' home grown
It's big money on my phone CELLULAR
Bad bitch to me
Fuck you if you ain't feelin' her
I'm with her
I see another one if I get her
I make moves you gotta remember

[Repeat Refrain]

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

[Repeat Hook] {*with variations*}