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Artist: Tyga
Album:  Wassup (S)
Song:   Wassup (All Love)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

don't you worry about the beef my nigga, everything's straight
when you see me in the hood, don't worry you ain't gotta hate
wassup wassup wassup (its all love)
wassup wassup wassup (its all love)

shit, we all in a recession, nigga I'm broke too
I see you lookin at me, what the fuck I do to you?
wassup wassup wassup (its all love)
wassup wassup wassup (its all love)

look, hate to glit it, wrist in hand
this ain't no little man, just presidential rolex and
this is my biggest and jelously attractin them
tryin my best to do less
tryin my best but I'm such to a greater extend
my phone rings a block call 2 a.m.
who could it be? not moms, she's ??.
??, smilin, sayin her son paid it
like if one make it, we all made it.


I'm tryna to be paitent homie
but all this hatin on me
got me thinkin Satan own me
I don't owe em, but my whole circle waitin on me
if I don't show em, make moves
they gone be skatin on me
now this basement lonely, or we on that tv doin that
matter fact, I think I'ma give em a call them back
but I ain't got time for all that
tryna give me gifts, so they can say they bought that
agree,what you want from me
a bag full of money?


all my westside riders wassup, wassup
all my eastside riders wassup, wassup
all my northside riders wassup, wassup
and all my southsdie riders wassup, wassup
l.a. n.y. wassup (its all love)
and my a.v.a wassup (its all love)
chi city detroit wassup (its all love)
h town boston wassup (its all love)

[Chorus] - 2X