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Artist: Tyga f/ Fabolous, Meek Mill, T.I., Wale, Young Jeezy
Album:  Rack City (Remix) {S}
Song:   Rack City (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Who that on the pole? It's you that on the pole...
Who that on the pole? It's you that on the pole, uhh
{Mustard on the beat ho~!}

Who that on the pole? It's you that on the pole
If you ain't gettin' dough shawty, you don't get to go
And yeah we up in Stadium, quarterbackin' hoes
My money fourth and long, but you do not get to throw
Uhhh, haha, rack-rack city shit
Penny for your thoughts, and a twenty for your titties
And a hundred for your smile, I'mma be here for a while
I'mma be up with them owls, just to see you when you out
Look, stuntin' for the fuck of it, I ain't with the sucka shit
All the bad strippers gotta greet me with the government
Fuck whoever judge ya, and trick whoever love ya
But don't expect a ring if you committed to the hustle
Yeah, rack-rack city shit
She ain't write like them old Rap City skits
I got many chicks, blue and black penny kicks
Strippers at 30 tellin' niggas that they 26, haha

[Chorus: Tyga]
Rack city bitch, rack-rack city bitch {*3X*}
Ten, ten, ten, twenties and them fifties bitch

Silver emblem, two black R's
Who's that in the nice black car?
Autopsy came back the results are
Cause of death? - Bars
Got a killer flow, from the llama
Got a killer ho, half Colombiana
Half Dominicana, poke out from behind her
Work out a little bit get the rest from her mama (niceeee)
Black city bitch, black out a old three
California king kush black out from OG
You made your death bed now lay in it
The end is here, start sayin' it

[Young Jeezy]
I'm in my other car, 'bout to get my other car (Rari)
They like talk to em Young, you're in a seminar (YEAH)
Tw-tw-twelve carats and that's all ears (all ears)
One through six yeah that's all gears (ERRRT~!)
I got my other broad talkin' to my other broad (other broad)
While I'm in the back talkin' to my other broad (other broad)
Okay! Look like we gotta got a foursome (foursome)
Three bitches in my bed, 'bout four some'n (YEEEAH~!)
Yeah see I let my nigga hit that (hit that)
Yeah I ain't done, see I let my nigga split that (turn up)
Shoe game bad yeah she might know something (know something)
But if she wanna roll wit me she gotta blow something (haha)
Yeah you know it just me and you tonight girl (tonight girl)
But if you bullshit I leave you with a white girl (bullshit)
You know how we do it nigga: ass, titties (haha)
A-Town, nigga, yeah it's trap city (YEAH)

[Chorus] - 2X

HAAAH~! Black fours, red drop head doors
Got your whore doin' shit that's uncalled for
I see the bitches callin', I just hit ignore
James Bond, Tom Ford outta haute couture (HAAAH~!)
We ain't got em'? Every block gon' spot 'em
120 in the ghost take my bitch shoppin'
Niggas is openin' up, cause they ain't poppin'
Ain't got nothing in common with niggas with no commas (commas)
Red head of ramen wreck shit junk yard it
I be ahead of these niggas; +Last King+ guillotine (HAAAH~!)
YMCMB, nigga, take defeat 
Pack a bad bitch then I pass it to my nigga Meek, hah

[Meek Mill]
Meek Milly, racked up racked out (racks)
And I be countin' money till I pass out (racks)
Hundred racks of hundreds in the stash house (racks)
And I be saying somethin' when I mash out (SKRRRT~!)
In the Lambo lookin' like a fly (fly)
I shine like somethin' in the sky (sky)
These haters hope I hurry up and die
Cause my bitch look like she said hurry up and bye

Me and three females in the CL 
Pink toenails tail like a beached whale
Tell em all better keep it on the DL
No phone, no Twitter, no email
Diamonds in the chain, none in the rear
Following the king of diamonds, bitch you went ape shit
Pocket racked up all big faces
After party crib full of broads all naked
Rose cases, we pop daily
We stay faded, need no occasion
Latin and Asians, Black, Caucasian
All go crazy for days in amazement

[Chorus] - 2X