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Artist: Tyga
Album:  No Introduction
Song:   Summertime
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhh, this that feel good music right here, ha ha~!
Feels good don't it?

{Summer summer summer summertime} remember those?
{Summer summer summer summertime} the best times was the
{Summer summer summer summertime} I love those
{Summer summer summer summertime}

Uhh summertime, the right time
Daytime, right length, bright watch
Like the nice guy, fly guy what a nice guy
Gucci top with the Nike highs
Or the LV with the V neck T, fly
So fly on the beach, beach chair lye - down
Champagne from the liquor bank
On my way to the Chevron, got a full tank
Now we, ridin wherever he wanna go
She know I spend C-notes on my all peoples
Well done, ain't nuttin like that pool party fun
I got plenty drink, give the pool party some
Redrum, the whole bottle of Patron
But no b-riefs, baby I got more to pour
Caterin from Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles
Together politicking, blacks whites and asians - I love


On to Melrose where the millionaires stroll
From the 3-2-3, to the 3-1-0
I got my 23's on
Jordans so important but my fit already scorchin
And the 15 before 7 to the portions
We do the 23's, no rims
If you see a Maybach, just hide to the drama
Drivin somewhere with million dollar profits, got it?
Now put the Tyga CD in - AND START BOPPING
Meet the bad guy, they call me God in the blue Bugatti
Young stylin, in a 6 series with a co-pilot
Stop it... ha~!
The sunset lookin violent
Come vibe with him get it poppin, no violence
No alarm sirens, just me and you cruisin
to the music, this how a young boss do it!