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Artist: Tyga f/ Alex DeLeon
Album:  No Introduction
Song:   Press 7
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{Love just ain't our way but, you know I don't pretend}
{I'ma get a new girlfriend; I'ma get myself a better girlfriend}
"You have, one, new voice message. Urgent message."
(Whattup Tyga? I wanted to talk to you but, you're not answering so)
(You know I feel you like crazy, but I think we need to have a lil' chat)
(So when you get this message, call me back) "Message saved"

First off - let me clear my chest, started off no baby steps
We, skipped right to the moment where babies come next
Grip tight holdin ourselves 'til there's nothin left
Two choices: I'm your boyfriend or let's just forget
After that, you plead like I can't believe what we did
So only option was to agree and keep it secret
or, your friends will make you think that you just another
cheerleader on his team, Tyga man's a player see?
But, don't believe what ears can hear and eyes can not see
You seein me on the daily baby
Where's my time, for another lady? Get over it
Trust me, faithfully, I can be, all that you need

[Chorus: Alex DeLeon]
Say you want to let me go and, that's gonna have to end
You can go and get a new boyfriend, but you'll never get a better boyfriend
Love just ain't our way but, you know I don't pretend
I'ma get a new girlfriend; I'ma get myself a better girlfriend

(Hey Tyga, it's me again)
(I'm upset because you know that I saw you the other night)
(But y'know, forget about the other stuff)
(Answer me when you get this message)

Uhh~! Dear ma, misses she let your guard down
for Girbuads and, riches so we tore, the mall down
And therefore, fullfilled your little wishes
No more penny, pinchin chowin at places, dinner two reservations
I'm so on to this lifestyle
I put you on to it, baby, Tyga style
Just don't run from it cause there's carpets ever where we roam now
Profits for party poppin with popular crowds
Getty images flickerin, Perez Hilton
liker her dress was ridiculous
Complements of Tyga's expense
I come at them, like Pete Wentz
Don't worry, it's all comin back in the end

Wait - so this is how we playin it?
Benifit friends and relationships don't mix, dut don't trip
Cause you, I'm far over it, Long John Silver sick
And this boat no longer floats for you, goldfish
Go dig another ditch, cause I'm dead done with this
I'm hangin up now, my new girl she's in the front now
I know that gotta hurt, time to answer her
Well I guess it's true, stick to the player rules

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

(Hey Tyga, it's me again)
(You're not returning any of my phone calls)
(And I know a lot went down between us and I'm sorry)
(I wanna work things out with you) "Your message has been deleted"

[Tyga] HA HA~!