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Artist: Tyga f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  No Introduction
Song:   I Am (iTunes Bonus Track)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus 2X: Tyga]
Welcome, to a sound, to a sound, I am loud
I am loud, to a crowd, and the crowd, goes for miles
I am, what I am, to a fan, I am him
To him, his profession, a legend, I am

I am, what a faucet, is to, some water
Water, and a chain, with a chain, I'm a target
Target, to a stalker, stalkin, not an option
Options, got plenty of those, many female partners
Pardon, my nonsense, time erased don't take much often
Often, I parties, party, get nauseous
You nauseous, be cautious, cause cautious can get you farther
My father was uh, never around, so some hearts are tarnished
But I'm sorry


Mostly, my writin, is cake, to the icing
Icing, on a track, on the track, I am lightning
Fast, when I'm striking, thunder, when I'm fighting
Fighting, for this title, and the title, reads idol
Idol, from the biters, they bite it, plagiarize it
They playin, while I'm grindin, grindin, through a fire
To a fire, I'm a lighter, to a pitcher, I'm a striker
A tyson, when it's violence, I'm solid, I am


[Lil Wayne]
YEHHH~! I am, Junior, young, ruler
I am, the +boo+ to +yah, boo ya, spook ya
True guy, who I? You are, scary
You are very average like fuckin missionary
And I am, not, I very no comparey
Son, daughter, I am, Carter
I'm eatin; I own my own restaurant dude
Go to the studio and hustle my food; sure I am rude
but I am, what I am, a black male that they could never blackmail
Crake sale, had Hell, triple beam scale
I am, the best rapper alive
And I hope the next rapper better than I
Now what are you?

[Chorus] - 1/2