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Artist: Tyga & Chris Brown f/ Boosie Badazz
Album:  Fan of a Fan: The Album
Song:   Real One
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Chris Brown]
Could give a fuck about ya nigga, baby!
{"D.A. on the track"} That nigga WEAK~!

Yeah... AAH~!

Aye baby, you baby
That's some good pussy, we can make a new baby
Fuck you in the Maybach, fuck a room baby
I use my tongue, use your mouth, watch your tooth baby
Hmm, dick game proper, got a lot of bodies
And the house game Hilton, got a lot of lobbies
Bitches overnight it, what you know 'bout it?
T-Raww whip out, tap out, I got 'em all

[Chris Brown]
I got 'em all hooked like drugs
And all them tryin' to fuck with a young nigga
Pulled up to the club like what
Straight to V.I.P
Double cuppin', I stay too turned up
Cause we poppin' bottles in here
Baby I'm just tryin' to party, yeah
Cause I'm the man of the year

[Interlude: Chris Brown]
I'm tryin' to get a little buzz
Party jumpin' and a nigga spendin' money
Hope I get fucked up
I see your girl lookin' over, at me
She wanna turn up
I can tell by the look in her face
That she ain't happy with you, nigga
And I can bet that I'm gon' get her
And I don't

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
I don't really care if (I don't care about yo nigga baby!)
If you got a man, yeah (That nigga WEAK~!)
You over there starin' (I see you starin' at a nigga baby!)
At me, at me, yeah
Guess your nigga too lame, huh?
Girl I bet you want a real one, yeah
You want a real one, yeah
You want a real one

[Chris Brown]
Girl I know you wanna jump up on it right there, right there
Cause everybody in the club gettin' faded
A hundred thousand dollar tab, I'ma pay it
Girl the party's jumpin', DJ's bumpin' my shit, oh yeah
Got everybody in the club lookin' at us
I'm at the top I just climbed up the ladder, real shit
Girl you givin' me the screw face
I know them bitches hatin' you, yeah they two-faced
I know he told you not to drink but what do you say?
I know he tryin' to lock you down like me and Boosie
Fuck that nigga, my middle finger up
Fuck a rap nigga, you just want a singer, huh?
I'm with this shit and you love it
Go on and twerk some for me

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

[Boosie Badazz]
Boosie Badazz

Turn, turn, turn, turn up, stop stuntin' that nigga (huh, bruh)
We straight, I got more money than that nigga (huh, bruh)
She ain't loyal cause he ain't me
Go to jail, she gon' leave you like them girls did me (oh Lord)
She want a real one, ooh she want somethin'
Look at all this money over here, she want somethin'
She ain't thirsty (she ain't thirsty)
But when you that bad, every chick need bags and purses (oh!)
Scorpio says girl my tongue on her (oh!)
Meet me all day we just press record
Ten million in two months, God bless me girl (God bless me girl)
You over there starin', next to me girl (haha)
Them hotties is flockin', it's three in the mornin' (turn up)
Them bodies is poppin', she's feelin' the moment (turn up)
She gotta man, I ain't worried about that
Got a lotta, got a lotta, got a lotta respect

[Chorus] - 2X