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Artist: Tyga & Chris Brown f/ Ty Dolla $ign
Album:  Fan of a Fan: The Album
Song:   Nothin' Like Me
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{"Mustard on the beat, hoe!"}

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
She don't think that I can change
So I switched from a Benz to a Range (hoh!)
First class to the jet (yeah!)
Got more money than her ex (ohh)
Way more money than her ex (ohh-whooooa)
And he ain't nothin' like me, girl
I done showed you shit you never seen, girl (ohh-whooooa)
But he ain't nothin' like me, girl

[Ty Dolla Sign]
(Dolla $ign!) He complain about your spendin'
I hand you the card, tell you "Spend it" (ooh yeah)
Master P, +No Limit+
I let you do you, girl
He don't put no gas in your car, nah
We hit the lot and buy cars, girl
He fuck you every blue moon
I hit it 'til the sun come up
That's why I fuck with you girl
You ain't lookin' for no come up (yeah)
Your nigga ain't about his money
He got zeros, I got commas
He buyin' drinks, I'm buyin' bottles
We pullin' up on Forgiato's
All of my niggas got money
That nigga can't pull out a hundred (ooh yeah)


[Chris Brown]
I ain't gon' start shit
And a nigga ain't worried 'bout, the homies
Twerk that shit on me
From the front to the back
I know you got a nigga, don't lie (don't lie)
Fuck your boyfriend, not tonight (not tonight)
I'ma make you mine, all night (all night)
Damn I'm on your ass can't hide it
Cause all my girls that sing this spitz
don't want a broke nigga (no)
All they wanna do smoke and drink
and they know what I'm thinkin'
She choosin' (choosin')
to fuck with a fly nigga (yeah)
Your bitch about to change up (ohh)
I'm the truth, you a lie, nigga

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

More money, most money
Marlon Wayans, tell them niggas ain't shit funny (hahaha)
Tight money (ahh!) shit too private for your plane money (bitch!)
You coach money, I toast crimes, loaf runnin' (woo)
Rich nigga, Alpo, Rich Porter
I'm CEO plus I fucked his granddaughter (oww!)
I do shit you think about on the toilet
My cup over-runnin', flowin' like Fiji water
And my new bitch sorta like an alcoholic
Bitch my new car, call that bitch "Whatchamacallit"
T-Raww (yeah) got pussy callin'
OHB, LK, only ballin'
Woo! I came with the tooth filler
In case a nigga wanna score a round with me, nigga
True shit, trill nigga
Put down my hard hat, drill bitches, fuck with me

[Chorus] - 2X w/ ad-libs

[Chris Brown]
He ain't nothin' like me, girl
He ain't nothin' like me, girl
I done showed you shit you never seen, girl
He ain't nothin' like me, girl