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Artist: Tyga & Chris Brown f/ Wale
Album:  Fan of a Fan: The Album
Song:   It's Yo Shit
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Tyga]
This my shit, this yo shit

[Chris Brown]
Baby tell me if you're ready, ready for the real thing
You got them linin' up and runnin' block, but you need the real me
And if I get the chance I'ma ask you when's the last time you've been satisfied
Give me a chance and I'ma show you that I ain't even like them other guys
I'ma wait a bit, before I try to kiss it
I do it different than them others guys, I know they be trippin'
I know what you want, so let's get right out of here
Let's go baby, I'm countin' all my blessings tonight

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
You sayin' all the right shit (yeah) well girl I like it
I'm gonna make this night romantic
I'm gonna love you baby (oh yeah) and I know what you've been dreamin' about
Gonna take advantage of you - it's yo shit
Ohh the way you put it on me (it's yo shit, it's yo shit)
Oooh baby - gonna take advantage of you
It's yo shit

I like it, yeah, AHH~!
Sex on the dresser, legs on the leather
Do it so good, I might let you wear my necklace
We fuckin' to the record just for the record
Nickname Alexis but you don't push Lexuses
V.I., no ordinary shit
Southern part of Euro spendin' euros at the camp
Checks waitin' when I land, that's money in advanced
Benjamin talk Frankly; you don't understand, me
My repertoire, upper echelon
You should tag along, get your girls involved
What we doin' here and speakin' through your braaas
Bruh, fuck you hard
I'm a midnight star, David, son of God
When you see the headlights like a fallin' star
Yacht no barge, lookin' like DeBarge
Got a hater so blue liker Marge, haha, yeah

[Chorus] w/ Tyga ad-libs

It's yo shit (yo) it's yo shit (yo)
I dope dick her, leave her bow-legged
I'm dope, yes I know this
The word is my third leg a Bowflex (haha)
Time to have sex (yep)
Climb inside her 'gina as I'm in my stretch
I'm dippin' in the 362 with the 57
Soon as she get in here, she pull the flip on the zipper
I'm different with it (yes) I can tickle your kidney with it
Miss me with trash, don't kick it with kitty litter (hahah)
You see me with CB in the DMV of course (yeah)
Hit the streets guarantee the women be abroad (yeah)
Every Blue Moon, that's EBM for short
The ring and the bling look like +Billie Jean+ Porsche (woo)
Ow! This that Mike Jack flow
I'ma bite that, spike that, you like "Now, go"
Ralph, yeah