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Artist: Tyga & Chris Brown
Album:  Fan of a Fan: The Album
Song:   Girl You Loud
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

"Drumma Boy" {*echoes*}

Niggas won't ride for you, niggas won't die for you
Bitch I'll ride for you, niggas won't die for you
... Fuckin' in the mornin'
Makin' love, fuckin' in the mornin'
Wakin' up, fuckin' in the mornin'
Niggas won't ride for you

[Chorus 2X: Chris Brown]
I'm 'bout to get up on that ass right now
Just love me, love me down now
And you a smoker, I'ma roll up, you blow it down
One more, oh oh, girl you loud

Yeah; I put that diamond in you boo, put on your favorite birthday suit
I hit them lights, we in the mood, I'ma slide inside and don't you move
Scorpio, sex drive for two, who else you know would die for you?
Them niggas ain't livin' that shit, I showed you shit them niggas won't ever do
Bitch yeah, I do my thing, 'bout to put that def to shame
So high, eyes low, how you scream my name the only time you use in vain
But I swear this time no foreplay and games, shoot it straight to your naval ring, put it back in, go again
Lookin' at this mess we made but I can't take the blame

[Interlude: Chris Brown] + (Tyga) + {both}
Alright (yeah) {this your bed, you lay in it}
Now {I'ma lick it up, girl gon' play with it}
All night {Taste so good, I put my face in it}
Now she runnin' from the dick, I told her "Stay with it"


[Chris Brown]
Yeah you are, steppin' on my heart
You're so cold right now, and you tryna to lay me down
But I'm not scared of death, girl
If I die, my love ain't gon' change
Cause we're in deep, hold your breath, girl
Baby I'm in so deep and you just wanna be loud all night, girl

[Interlude] + [Chorus]