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Artist: Tyga
Album:  Careless World: Rise of the Last King
Song:   Love Game
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[Intro/Chorus One]
The days go by, we argue all the time
I want to make it right, cause that was last night
Baby we gon' be ai-ight, baby we gon' be ai-ight
Yeah, yeah love was the mark, bullets to your heart
I want to move on but my feelings too strong
I don't wanna waste time, I don't wanna waste time

Mannnn~! I know we ain't finished, when it's barely beginnin
All that time I done put in, I put in but time was endin
So silly, chasin a feelin, figured you felt different
but so many, so many girls, but I just stayed with ya
See love wasn't my intention; rather play Dominoes
count money with my niggaz, shoot dice
Give me 7, rollin out the gate, I hit it twice
Black Eyed Pea money baby, "it's gon' be a good night"
And when I said I love you yeah I fuckin meant it
And we ain't gotta bring your moms and your sister in it
House too big, they all tryin to spend the night
You always invitin them and I don't even be likin it
at all, and I don't even to say shit
cause I just like to see you happy even when you fakin it
So flagrant, you foul-ass bitch, man I hate you
I hope we can make up in the A.M., A.M.

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: repeat 2X]
It's like we're in a love game, love game
Love game, love game
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Uh! For every last King need a Queen
If you, love me now then forever hold this ring
Hold me down, defend it; hold me down, no witness
You always got so much pride but once you look in my eyes
It's over, you even told me 'bout you when you was younger
How your father abused you, I let you cry on my shoulder
No tissue, just short sleeve, tears see-through
Our lives equal, thinkin what you been through
Uhh, yo' Genie here, yeah I grant you every wish
Put you in environments, good company success
Already set, you goin with the best
I know I lied before but trust me I ain't like yo' ex
Sex so good, break up then break a sweat
We should stay together, then we fight again
Same old shit, different location
Feelin like my time wastin while the

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

Tryin to forget someone that you love
like tryin to remember someone that you never knew
Think about it, I dream about it
My nightmares hauntin me, I can't sleep about it
Anxiety, can't breathe, can't live without you
The revival, all these verses is my survival
Standing at the poly and waitin for your arrival
One day.. but no return
Like Usher say.. gotta "Let it Burn"

The hardest part, of dreamin 'bout someone you love
is wakin up, to see that person gone
You know it, it it takes seconds to say hello
but forever to say goodbye
Movin on is easy
But what you leave behind is what makes it hard