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Artist: Tyga f/ Big Sean
Album:  Careless World: Rise of the Last King
Song:   I'm Gone
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhhh~! Lookin around glass, my future is in the past
I'm rearrangin my life, I'm single and now I laugh
All of the moments we had, beginning and just the end
At the end, still ain't friends, heard I was on your hit list
Damn, now I'm drivin Ferraris fuckin random bitches
People sayin I made it but I don't feel too different
Wayne told me "Close your eyes, they'll never see yo' vision"
So I stay +Ready to Die+ behind these Biggie lenses
Reinvented, Audemars/Breguet shit
Just left the hood, word to the 5th Dist'
Bout to cop a G to the roof like Diddy
And my city color purple nigga, no ceiling
It take time when you plyin on the beat
I kill it, I bet I kill it, producer witness to see
Bitches standin on they feet, handicap get out your seat
Got that buzz, lil' bee; sting a bitch, Ali
Compare tighter rappers, but my songs greater
Just compare me to dope dealers and ball players
Cause I'm a dope-ass nigga and a ballplayer
Never save a hoe, can't even get a Life Saver
We gon' fuck out way to the top and fall later
So I'ma fuckin never call her later
Uhh - skinny nigga got my weight up; middle finger to my haters
Why you chasin? We ain't racin, muh'fucker I'm gone

Middle finger to my haters, muh'fucker why you hatin? I'm gone
I ain't really wanna do it but I did it to 'em nigga, I'm gone
Leave the beat shit alone, leave the bullshit at home, I'm gone
Even though I'm out of here, nigga gotta keep it real, I'm gone

She fuckin with me, these niggaz ain't fuckin with me
Got my mind on my money, my money pilin up hundreds
You say you did it, I done it; you old nigga, I'm younger
You fold up under pressure, I'm good straighter than stretchers
Uhh! Bitches peckin my wood: woodchucker chucker
Never gave two fucks - double rubbers
Now your color turn your face to a red gusher
And your girl stickin to me like a car bumper
Never dependent on anyone co-dependent
Kept my thoughts to myself, I don't need opinions
No middle mans, in the middle of my sands
Niggaz think they sweet, they can't even pay their incidentals
I'm detrimental, on any instrumental
I ain't pullin teeth nigga better hide your pillow
{*CHOMP*} To these rappers to the fucking gristle
Bad to the bone, red zippers, Mike Jizzle, nigga gone

[Chorus] - 2X

[Big Sean]
B-I-G, +Finally Famous+ in this
I say fuck sleep stayed up, fuck you, pay up
Always got a paycheck, never took a pay cut
Payday'll be worth all the broke nights I stayed up
So in my cup I'm mixin up whatever dreams are made of
Not too many Young G's made of where I am
So I was waiting on a doctor man, patient as I am
I guess the Young d-boy made it into a man
with girls half-naked 'round, like we fin' to lay in the sand
Redeyes to Rome and they connectin to France
with some bomb-ass pussy, that bitch came straight from Iran
My jewelry made in Japan, I'm off California drugs
And where I made my money? Huh, nigga all of the above
I could count my inner circle on my hands and my feet
Passin joints long as a branch cause it's family tree
Doin kush-ups man, cause the weed too strong
I'm a G + 1 - what's that?
Motherfucker that's gone
Said I'm a G + 1 - what's that?
Motherfucker that's gone (no bitch)