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Artist: Tyga f/ Chris Richardson
Album:  Careless World
Song:   Far Away
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[Intro: Chris Richardson]
Oooh, walk a thousand miles
Just to see her (see her)...

[Chorus: Chris Richardson]
But she's far, far awaaaaaaaaaay
And I'd do anything just to see her face
But she's far, far awaaaaaaaaaay
Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again

'Gain, sittin on a plane
Reminiscin back when I made that mistake
I wish it never ended, with a heartbreak
Now your heart broken, tears in ya face
I ask myself why, lookin at the sky
If I could turn back, I'd make it all right
Prayin that you better but it's still stormy weather
Don't wanna let go, but the rain won't let up, now you gone 
Still thinkin 'bout you everyday, and I 
know feelings was hurt and you can blame me, but
I'm sorry for the games that I played
But now it's too late, and now she's..


It's cold, puttin up a fight
Arguin back, and forth through the night
Regardless what I said and I don't mean most of it
You know I really love you, this the realest gon' get
It take time, to realize what you really wanna know
You was ready for it all, but your feelings I ignored
I know, my fault, I should've gave more
Now you're miles away and I'm miles on tour
Now it's, drums playin, crowd singin, light changin 
Wish you was here to witness all that now starts fadin
They say two wrongs don't make it right
And I was wrong and now it ain't right

[Chorus: "'cause" replaces "but" on the first line]

[Bridge: Tyga] (Richardson)
Na-na-na-nah, if I could turn back
If I could make it right, I'd do just that
If I could make it right, I'd do it all tonight
Hold you in my arms, with you I'd spend my life
Na-na-na-nah, if I could turn back
If I could make it right, I'd do just that
I'd do just that, I'd do just that.. (for you)
If I could turn back... (Come back here agaaaaaain)

[Chorus 2X, Bridge sung in the background during the second time]