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Artist: Tyga f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Careless World: Rest of the Last King
Song:   Faded
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Young Nino, fuck a bitch in a peacoat
Carlito, Scarface, Al Pacino
Bun B though, Pimp C, R.I.P. though
I goes deep in that pussy, Dan Marino
She wanna be the one, fuck her to my own single
Break a bitch hard, no future Miss Cleo
Snap back, au-au-automatic reload
Flyer than a fuckin beetle, you can't beat 'em
Heh, vampire fucked up your evening
I pop up and eat lunch, leave you in the cement
Don't believe it, stripe like a fuckin Adidas
The gun Selena, give a nigga Bieber fever
{*deep breathing*} Real fuckin hot
Put it in park, take a shot, higher than a tube sock
You a bop, give me top top, as I load the guap
Man these niggaz say I'm fly but to her I'm God

I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded, faded {*6X*}
My nigga faded, faded
And I don't give a fuck

Fuck is up, niggaz stompin in my Chucks
See I make it rain/rein-deer cause I'm all about my +bucks+
Used to butt 'em in the front, dick-dick up in her cunt
And I put it in her hole, hole in one, one, putt putt
UNNNNNGH - Super McNasty
Why you McLovin when the bitch call me daddy?
Pimp no Caddy, she wish she never had me
Treat her like a dog {*dog*} called the bitch Lassie
Young savvy, bang her like Cincinnati
Above average, fl-fly like I'm Aladdin
They bend backwards, th-throw the pussy at them
I'm Ben Wallace, dunk up in your basket
Haha~! Uh uh balls in the air
No games, I'm serious, Double Dare
There's too many bitches, why these niggaz wanna surr?
Pat Ron up in here, nigga this ain't no beer


[Lil Wayne]
Momma, there go that monster
Abracadabra, Magic, Johnson
My motherfuckin doctor, said I need a doctor
So I called +House+, now I am a pill popper
Faded like skinnys, Young Money we winnin
I told her if I change, she won't get a penny
Milkin this shit, pregnant bitch titties
Bringin home the bacon, I'm fuckin Miss Piggy
Loaded like a semi, semi-naked pictures
She knows my dick, she call that nigga +Richard+
+Pryor+ to me comin, I had to stick my thumb in
I assed one time, smell my finger make you vomit
Flyer than a hornet, the shoe fit I worn it
She tried to jack me off, can't beat it, join it
Tunechi, punechi, that what she call it
Flag, Scarlett, I killed it, mourned it