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Artist: Tyga f/ T-Pain
Album:  Careless World: Rise of the Last King
Song:   Celebration
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[T-Pain] YEAHHH!

[Intro/Chorus: T-Pain]
I ain't gotta do nuttin, I ain't gotta say shit
Everybody put your cups up and roll the blunts up
It's a fuckin celebration, yeah, bitches
Yeah everything is alright, I propose a toast to the greatest
Come and get up on this fly shit baby
It's a fuckin celebration, bitches

UHH, ba-ballin in this bitch cause I'm better
Models at my table and they down for whatever
It's a cold world so it's heat in my leather
We-we gonna make it rain, we ain't trippin off the weather
Birthday suits removed, your negli-gee
Baby baby let me put you on game
I got that crazy crazy, I drive you insane
E'ry plane, tint change, man these niggaz know my name
T-Raw, young star, gringo
Shinin hard e'ry second don't blink hoe
If you ain't sippin then you trippin better drink mo'
Too many picks on the field tryin to get chose
What-what'cha homegirl don't know
won't hurt her so girl let go
They say they ain't trickin if you got it
But we ain't trickin and yeah we got it
So I ain't gotta


Fly-fly niggaz do fly things
Overseas, I can put you on my dream team
Ha-keem, Tyga-lajuwon
Two rings, yeah we on one, we ain't never done
It's mo' fun when you livin how we livin
Big living room, beautiful women
Baby take your shoes off, she just tryin to kick it
Goin downtown now, she gon' let me kiss it
So good, yup yup, Young Money and we all good
All my homies in this thang, wish a nigga would
If a nigga could, I don't think he should
Gettin money, rockin clubs like T Woods
Bright lights like we livin in the sky
E'rybody put your hands up high
Yeah - it ain't trickin if you got it
But we ain't trickin and yeah we got it
So baby look

[Chorus] - 2X

[Tyga - talking over Chorus]
Ha ha, yeah~! I ain't gotta say shit though
It's a celebration bitches, ha ha ha