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Artist: Tyga f/ Tyga's Mom
Album:  Careless World: Rise of the Last King
Song:   Black Crowns
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

All I see is black, crowns
King me cause this is my time, now
So all you other niggaz bow, down
cause all I see on me is black, crowns, black, crowns

Uhh, heavenly father, appoint me to the coronation
I deserve it, brought music for clarification
Envision my past, Egypt reincarnated
Negativity hill, over the hump camels waitin
Never gave up, most of my peers fo'saken
One make it, we all make it, but I was never that patient
King chronicles, never write it too logical
Fake niggaz saying "What up fam?" but we ain't biological
Hands down to my mother, she the greatest ever
Since I was the only child, wasn't too much to stress her
Wakin up before work, leavin allowance on the dresser
Raisin the Prince under pressure, no King, no refuge
It's all good, got homies like "Boyz-n-the-Hood"
We all good, I mean no matter circumstances was
Champagne, weed pills, it do the same
These niggaz gassed up - too much butane
Working hard like one day I'll afford the 4-door Porsche
Approachin every corner cautious
Too much shoppin, niggaz callin you a target
Too much flossin, niggaz gossip and that blog shit
I rather put one in the air, congratulate careers
Death defyin moments, people that I ain't seen in years
What you runnin from when you you're your only fear?
Guess my time is here, now

[Chorus] - 2X

Uhh~! Fatigue, I'm feelin jaded
She gave me the number but I ain't never save it
Shit is solid, why these niggaz played it?
Dealt the right cards, but I have yet to play it
Determine payrolls, livin the lifestyle
You couldn't be in if you was to see it right now
... I think I see it right now
They judge me e'ryday, life on trial
Take your money niggaz bettin on my downfall
Many all real hoes, bitches gonna call
Five fingers, pledge allegiance to my one God
We done been through hell, so heaven ain't far
Two cars sedans, tearing it on the way to the Grammys
Guess we nominated, guess they 'preciate us
These niggaz often imitate us; we just stay creative


One time in the, one time - it's my
Two times in the, two times in the air for the
Both hands in the air if you feel it yeah
One time in the, one time in the air for the
Two, two, two times in the, two times in the air for the
Both hands, both hands, both hands in the air for the
One time, two times, time...

[Tyga's mom]
Just wanted to call to let you know how proud I am
of you sweetie, umm, this album is amazing
I have never imagined that God would bless you
so much ss he is going to continue to bless you
He's already made you the King that you are
and the ONLY one to wear the black crown
Well, I just want you to know how much I love you
and how awesome you are
And how I am so, so honored, to have a son as yourself
I could never have ask for more, you're just amazing
And I am just so excited for this album
I think this album is definitely your baby
And it's gonna definitely be heard by a lot of people
And a lot of people are gonna love it
They're gonna love it, love it, love it
And God's gonna continue to bless you with all the talents that you
Well I'm just so proud, I just wanna shed a tear right now
OK mommy loves you, and you the best thing ever, you are my heart
I love you sweetie, bye bye