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Artist: Tyga f/ Birdman
Album:  Careless World: Rest of the Last King
Song:   Birdman Interlude
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Birdman a/k/a Baby] + (Tyga)
The young king!
The lil' homey Tyga
It's yo' turn nigga
It's yo' turn playboy
West coast stand up
to this "Careless World" people
Global flyin, on this journey
Tropical islands
Poppin bottles with supermodels
Blowin out the pound~!
(Sun up to sundown)
Flyin higher heights
Grindin hard...
Money by the abundance, yeah
Y.M. C.M.B. flash for life
What it do young king?
It's yo' turn boy