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Artist: Tyga
Album:  187 (Mixtape)
Song:   Young & Gettin It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Okay, I go to sleep in the morning
Been countin' money all night
I did it all on my own, so
These cars I'm gon' buy
Them niggaz hated on me
I was all the way in Dubai
Gettin' Lambo doors sky high
Told that bitch's bitch it's no ties

Redrum, murder game
These niggaz gay like Novocane
My niggaz gutter like bowlin' lanes
Like Pedro, they bowl for me
Two Asian bitches, they Siamese
So high nigga look Chinese
She bite the head like Ozzy
Freddy Kruger money you only see in your dreams
H-Town, ball hard like my name Hakeem
Olajuwon, James Harden
y'all niggaz new to the scene
And that's my nigga, supper club
need a new liver
Pop, pop bottles on all these bitches
Bitch-ass niggaz can't even get in
Ripley's, please believe me
That Justin Bieber my neighbor really
Ain't gotta lie, these niggaz feel me
My bars up, like poppin' wheelies
They won't beep cause my neck's chilly
Got a bad white bitch like Iggy
Iggy Pop, rockstar livin'
I'm a flyin' nigga, shoutout to Philly
King shit, your bitch
She all up on my dick
I get crazy pussy, psychiatrist
All about my paper like journalists
Killer flow, I earned this shit
We ball for real like tournaments
On the jet no turbulence
Straight flexin,' I'm so bent
No lie, no lie
Said I ain't never told no lie
Say fuck you if you hate me
My real fans gon' ride
Got my own shoe, clothing line
Own a label, who tryin' sign?
Niggaz tryin' to turn up
But don't overdose like Limbaugh
Hypocrites and all bias
I provide ya at your whole Vajira
I can bless ya, no church attire
Pray to God I don't die tryin'
What's a stone to a big giant?
What's fire if you can't ignite it?
I'm fed up like FBI
Y'all niggaz late, colored people time, nigga