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Artist: Tyga
Album:  187 (Mixtape)
Song:   Luv Dem
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Let's play black car, black automo
For the love of money, I'mma die hard
Fuckin' role model
tell these bitches play your part
I blew up off one take
I take a dime, a movie star
Foreign cars, my language off
Old-school like Coolie, ha
Your bitch she gettin' sodomized
My money blink like Lloyd's eyes
These niggaz tellin' like all lies
Say they want beef but they French fries
I'm hot poppin,' nigga deep fried
These bitches sweatin' me, perspire
Tell Nicky, she want China she'll turn you out
Had a white bitch like No Doubt
Bustin' nuts for four hours
I'm on a jet gettin' drugged out
Jordan face, her tongue out
I'm throwing money like paper routes
My flow hard like the worst gout
She eat pussy, cat down
Can't see me, background
School niggaz, cap gown
Click clack, smoke cloud
Lumberjack, tall niggaz
Paul Bunyan, I wish you would
All my niggaz like Trayvon
Ready to die for they hood
Ball hard, no fuckin' catch
My shit real, your figures wax
Your Rollie ain't Rolex
Like Mankind, get socked next
We don't fuck with P90X
Cause all my niggaz they do is flex
My car made for races
Like to fuck with rednecks
I'm on some different shit
Hop out then I pull up
Motherfuckin' little Mikey icey like cooler
I don't need no help
Never fucked with no tutors
Talkin' all that head
Throw me in your medulla
T Raww I'm steppin' out
Bail money I'm handin' out
I ain't scared of y'all niggaz
Manny Pacquiao
Strip search, I pat her down
Wiz Khalifa, I'm smokin' loud
Like A$AP I got a fuckin' problem
Fuckin' problem, I'm a problem child