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Artist: Tyga
Album:  187 (Mixtape)
Song:   I'm Different
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm different, yeah I'm different
I'm different, yeah I'm different
I'm different, yeah I'm different

Lambo Aventador, spent half a million
Car Weezy, mixtape got no ceiling
Floss like a dentist, numb to a bitch, no feelin'
Lotta bad bitches and my niggaz fully trippin'
OGs got old clips like Lord Willin'
Let the gat squeeze, like fresh lemons
Old money but I need more like Demi
Raw like Eddie, keep a sidekick semi
Shit bang, you goin' dumb
I'm going Timmy
I don't drive no fuckin' Infinity
Pull up, niggaz clear the vicinity
killin' your vanity
Hot like Alana be, shots, niggaz scramblin'
All about my chips
Gamblin' Mandalay Bay veteran
Bad bitch, let her in
Late night, let 'em in
Alergic to broke niggaz, Claritin
7-6 ball hard always stay travellin'
Referee shots got haters back peddlin'
Bald like I'm 70, stay with the weather '93
Gotta fly private cause my niggaz got felonies
Used to do Beverly, now we shop overseas
Pop that dick, bitches fit it in their ovaries
I love it when a bitch got her ass tatted
Said she just got it done, don't pat it
Both hands left cheeks now I'm left handed
Ass so big, can't look at it
Can't look at it, can't look at it
Made me bust fast like I'm trigger happy
She like when I talk shit like Bill O'Reilly
And I give her hard wood, like a cabin
Cabin in the woods
all you niggaz actin' scary
Get my collab on, Dr. Romanelli
Shirt off, nigga feelin' like Makaveli
Y'all my niggaz goin' HAM
We don't need a deli
Ain't shit you can tell me
Got 'em pissed off, R. Kelly
Bitches tell me "sure" like Al B
All I do is win like Gwen don't doubt me
Bitch took 22 years to get rich
Been in love twice, still screamin'
"Bitches ain't shit"
Tryin' ta keep my niggaz out of jail
they always hittin' licks
And I'm paid in full
niggaz call me Money Makin' Mitch
T Real, that's my nigga
Nitty Santana, he'll groove a nigga
Eat quick cash like a fast food dinner
Niggaz don't remember shit
They gon' remember me, nigga

'Cause I'm the shit, bitch!