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Artist: Tyga
Album:  187 (Mixtape)
Song:   Fuckin Crack
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I see niggaz rockin' that gold
Check my old shit, bitch
I had the gold engine
Niggaz had to get the chrome

These niggaz they fuckin' wack
These niggaz they fuckin' wack
These niggaz they fuckin' wack
Me I spit that fuckin' crack
Me I spit that fuckin' crack
T raw, that fuckin' crack
White whips, my rims black
My credit card's all black

I'm lookin' over your crib
Private jet, I did
That ghetto bird we swerve
Talkin' shit like an adlib
I'm Papa Bear, you bitch
Hide y'all trees, where's my porridge?
Got accounts just for tourin'
I can move ya fairly what I tour in, bitch
3000 like Andre
I spent that on my prom date
I'm gettin' tickets like sweepstakes
I treat beef like cheese steak
These niggaz fake like old bait
Chicken niggaz that shake and bake
I fly out, that great escape
My pockets fat, that's Ricky Lake
Cash spender, I throw it out
Can't you see I'm totaled out?
Diddy money, only bad boy around
Burger King, only time you get a crown
West Side, tell them niggaz bow down
Ice Cube, my nigga stay with a frown
Rolled on, young Nino Brown
We ran ya bitch, Gangnam Style!
Asian nigga, kick game like Bruce Lee
T Raww's in the stores
They sellin' out like floor seats
These bitches lost like Dorothy
Coward lions, no heart beat
I just let my car speak
It's gone with the wind like a hairpiece
Abu Dhabi, I'm gettin' blow
That shit illegal, but so are hoes
I'm out here like open toes
These niggaz gay like rainbows
Old scores, no kangoo
Stack chips, that's Pringle
I told my girl I'm single
I count numbers, that's bingo
Hot nigga, I can start a forest fire
She get low like low tires
This killa music, that's Michael Myers
I'm so great like Tony Tiger
They steal my style, that's Winona Ryder
BMX, my niggaz riders
Just added a tiger to my show rider