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Artist: Ty Dolla $ign f/ B.o.B
Album:  Beach House EP
Song:   Paranoid
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[Intro: Ty Dolla $ign]
Ohhhhhhhh, Dolla $ign!
{"Mustard on the beat, hoe"}

[Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign]
I seen two of my bitches in the club
And I know they know about each other...
I think these bitches tryna set me up
Maybe I'm just paranoid...

[Ty Dolla $ign]
Uhh, I got a bad light-skinned from the valley
She be in the club with no panties
Lil' bitch, she used to be my favorite
But now we don't speak the same language
I love my bitch, I could bang it
But my dark-skinned bitch know how to take dick
I got 'em both the same damn Red Bottoms
And bought 'em both the same damn fragrance
Both of my bitches drive Range Rovers...
None of my bitches can stay over...
Both of my bitches look good as fuck...
Your bitch look like a Boogawolf...


[Interlude: Ty Dolla $ign]
Yeah I'm paranoid, I'm trippin
I've been smokin, I've been sippin
I'm fuckin 'round with two bitches
But I never made them hoes my missus

BOBBY~! Women talk (yeah) women talk (yeah)
She run her mouth so much she can't hear her own thoughts (what)
Told my old hoe she my new bitch, told my new bitch she my old hoe
Well she used to be yo' hoe (damn)
Dead, hold up, flatline (yeah)
I fuck a bitch to sleep, nap time (yeah)
I'll put my name on it, if that's mine (Bobby!)
Pussy so wet she thought it got baptized (SPLASH!)
Ask me where I'm at, that's a set-up (set-up)
You ain't talkin 'bout nothin, bitch shut up! (bitch shit up!)
If you got a side chick, nigga what up (nigga what up)
Both my girls in the club 'bout to nut up (how I do it)
Stalkin on my network (on my network)
Got her lookin so hard that her neck hurt (that her neck hurt)
And I ain't trippin, I got room for 'em both (ah, ah, ah, ah)
This is HAM Squad, I just doubled up my net worth (Bands!)


[Interlude] - 2X