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Artist: Twista f/ Do or Die, Johnny P
Album:  Category F5
Song:   Yo Body
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[Intro/Interlude: Johnny P]
Now when I touch on yo' body babe (touch on yo' body babe)
When I grab on yo' body babe (when I grab on yo' body babe)
When I feel on yo' body baby (when I feel on yo' body babe)
I say ooooh, ooh-ooh hell yeah

Can I, reintroduce myself?
From the city of the Chi, Westside, ain't it mayne
That puts a flame to the mary-jane
Now with the same thang with main in the left lane, peep game
Put the duck in the ashtray, got on the freeway
Spread a lil' cologne on the car seat
Then I got up with Big D and six freaks
They was thick as hell, you understand me?
I was sippin on Patrón about to fade out
Got up with lil' ma, had the whole lick laid out
Put the Gucci on the do' seat, countin some mo' G's
The dice game damn near broke me
So I'm comin for more cheese and put a pound of weed
with fo' B's, my thumper and my do' keys
Walked up like she know me
I gotta keep it movin cause she probably be the police
So I, turned tough, told her meet me at the Range Rov'
Been gettin money so I gotta go change clothes
Bumped out with the same hoes then I
rent a hotel cause I got it on the main flo'
All them lookin bad but I wanna hit the main fo'
What you think I'm spittin game fo'?
Cause I can talk a leopard out its spots
Ándele, ándele, ándele, chop-chop

[Chorus: Johnny P]
I gotta beg for yo' body, girl I need yo' body
I see you want my body every time I see yo' body
I say ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooh-oooh
And if you was a car, girl you'd be a Phantom
Yo' ass and yo' titties, ain't no tellin if I had 'em
What I'd doooo, what I'd doooo, what I'd doooo, ooh-oooh

[Belo Zero]
I was chose in this game
to be a cold motherfucker with the fe's and the 'llac
I let the roof fold down
while I'm gettin good head smokin trees in the back
You see the mix with the jewels and the stacks
Don't try to pull it, I got goons with the gats
My money long like a python
Makin your bitch say, "Fuck it, I'ma roll with a mack" (uh-huh)
Belo gettin all that dough
Belo gon' pimp them hoes
Belo gettin all that show
And my mink gon' touch the flo'
Motherfucker get on skid road
Like I said you already know
P-O P-I-M-P, uhh


Girl, you got a bangin body like a Bugatti
She got work like a cookin pot
She got legs like a potential hit (yes)
And a frame like a crooked cop
But who the one the women lookin spectacular for?
Who the one that got the bump in the back of the truck?
Who the one that saw the body with the booty of a Maserati
while I'm in the party way back of the cut?
You be kinda remindin of my G princess
so I gotta say majesty when I say that
And when I see the way the fatty look way back
You be kinda remindin me of a Maybach
You be the type I know I might kiss
And if I flow it right, I know I'm so righteous
And if you wanna try to get as lyrical as the Twist
Gotta flow li-like-li-li-li-li-like this (like this)
So now I'ma go, to the back, get a cup, fill it up
with a drink, when I mack, on a hoe
Triple it up, when I get up, I wanna cut
cause I be Twist, and I'ma kick, a spectac-ular flow
How I spit you know I got the glory, know it's kinda gory
when I come out of a laboratory, let's ride
Ain't no fuckin with the Twista
J.P., Do or Die, you are now with the Category F5...