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Artist: Twista f/ Liffy Stokes
Album:  Category F5
Song:   Wanna See 'Em Buss
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The, the cars are so sick, mine'll make you vomit
Maroon forcefield, roofin linin on the stomach
Six inches on the lips, the whole car be suave
Long story short I customized every body part
So these niggaz be hatin, they stay so envious of me
Cause I keep bad bitches and they be with hideous honeys
And my city is ugly, they so gritty and scummy
Gotta be on point when I step out lookin pretty as money
You want these rocks and these karats but you can't get none of that
You gon' get dropped and embarrassed cause I got a gun for that
And I got a Mob and I can't let you stop the mission
I got dreams of makin buildings like a crooked politician
If I have to I'ma murder, hit 'em with the rapid fire for the paper
Got a fully automatic dumpin on 'em 
and I'm way up from the back, gotta go through with the caper
If I gotta feed my family I'ma sacrifice my body
And ya already know that I be goin +Kamikaze+

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Cause you don't wanna see 'em bust
These young niggaz out here don't give a fuck
We got the thumpers in the trunk, get your strap, if you gon' ride then run up
Or get sent to an early grave just for tryin to act tough

[Liffy Stokes]
Man I don't know shit 'bout recession
All I know when it's dry on the block the shit's depressin
Baby mama stressin cause I'm short on the support, talkin to take me to court
When she know when I got it it's good, but right now I'm short
You in everything I bought, from the cars to the clothes
So sit yo' ass down somewhere and let me work with this dough
I'm poppin mo's and my head's spinnin
These haters hate cause they don't wanna see the trill winnin
Swimmin in fine women, layin in fine linen
And it's much deserved, I had it hard with this don livin (you know)
Broadcastin live in all hoods and in all visions, analog or digital
62's in the serial; dreams of bein imperial
Smokin on imperial O.G., I feel like Kobe
Mixed with a lil' co-D, all I'm missin is trophies
Rings and ceremonies, the bitches they love Stony
And the niggaz that know me know I keep, the 40 on me