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Artist: Twista
Album:  Category F5
Song:   Talk to Me
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[Chorus: repeat 2X]
"Talk to meeeee"
"That's the only way I can find out, what's going on"

Now the fuck am I supposed to know what's goin on?
You knowin the truth but you steady just be holdin on
You harborin feelings but you don't be tellin me when you be seein me
Would it be better if we was hollerin on the phone?
They tellin me, "You got a problem," if it's a cancer
maybe the Twista can cure it or solve it, I got the answer
Too many guys, too many guns, plenty muscle when I hustle
You'd think a nigga was takin enhancers
We need to holler and get a resolve like gentlemen
cause if we don't I got thumpers that turn niggaz feminine (turn niggaz feminine)
I'ma pursue him and pop one into him, they're gonna be choppin and screwin
as if when I swallowed a bottle of Benylin
I'ma just bet on them and get to dumpin if we don't just holla 'bout somethin 
cause you might be makin a plot to come murder me
Or your word'll be open heart surgery
Yeah you got on a white tee, but I'ma be turnin that motherfucker burgundy
I think it's a better way that we can handle this
So sit down and talk at the table we gotta be adamant
Takin a ride or choppin it up in the Phantom
is two niggaz breakin it down like a analyst off with the cannabis (woo~!)
He say (what) she say (what)
A nigga will steady be hearin the bogus remarks
Thought I was gon' have to get 'em when it get dark
We talked about it (what) shit's squashed

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Now how will I ever be knowin about when the struggles arrive
if you don't be open enough to let me see inside?
Right on the surface of things you thinkin that he's still alive
But since he's been incarcerated his spirit has died
He's sittin off up in the county while he gon' be fightin a case
and I'm seein the pain cause I'm lookin him right in his face
Never got caught up for pushin a birdie
Now he gon' be lookin at 30 for murder even though he ain't on the tape
Soon as he got locked up I had to go visit him early
The truest of homies and none of them niggaz is worthy
He gave me my game and taught me how bitches'll burn me
Damn, I wanna kill off the district attorney
The loser A.K.A. the prosecutor was a steady accuser
of my boy as bein around as the #1 shooter
They sayin that the evidence is a Ruger
A steady pursuer to do ya and makin him disappear like the Bermuda
Triangle, why dangle a weapon in front of the court
that I know he won't use, now you in deep shit
Now I just gotta go pay off my lawyer's retainer
Homie gon' have a better defense
And I know that you really ain't feelin like talkin about it
You want your freedom and just to put it past you
This is the only way that we can fight 'em dawg
So me and my lawyer gon' sit down and ask you

[Chorus] - repeat 2X